Electrocompaniet AW180
Electrocompaniet AW180
Electrocompaniet AW180

Electrocompaniet AW180: Unlock the full potential of any high-end system

Electrocompaniet AW180 monophonic power amplifiers are capable of creating a true amplification springboard and unlocking the full potential of any high-end system. Such a serious link can work with almost any acoustic system, as it has an impressive power reserve and a high damping coefficient.

The Electrocompaniet AW180 power supply uses a special power stabilization technology FTT (Floating Transformer Technology), which reduces noise and interference, and also increases the current output from the amplifier. A massive toroidal transformer (650 W) and buffer electrolytic capacitors are installed, the total capacity of which is 60,000 μF. Thanks to this potential, the terminal provides a power of 650 W at a load of 2 Ohms, and 180 W at 8 Ohms. Electrocompaniet AW180 can operate in bridge mode, in which its power increases 4 times. The design uses high-quality components, bipolar transistors are used.

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An important feature of the Electrocompaniet AW180 is its special circuit topology, which is characterized by the separation of the input stage, which operates in class A, and the output section, which has parallel feedback and operates in class AB. Due to the fact that the feedback loop does not cover both stages of the amplifier, the input does not receive a strong output signal that can cause distortion. It also eliminates the effect of back-EMF generated in the voice coils of the speaker speakers. As a result, intermodulation and other interference are reduced to zero.

The Electrocompaniet AW180 case has a proprietary acrylic front panel 20 mm thick. On its top platform there is a power-on indicator. The weight of the monoblock is 22 kg.

Inputs: balanced XLR. There is a separate LINK output (XLR) for connecting another amplifier for the purpose of organizing a bi-amp connection. The model is equipped with four screw terminals for speaker systems. The power switch is located on the back of its case.

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When building a High End system, a rational solution would be to use two Electrocompaniet AW180 amplifiers. Such terminals can stun with their crushing dynamics. At the same time, they allow you to get clean, natural sound with the right tonal balance. Despite the high power, these devices make it possible to hear every nuance and detail, and also provide a magnificent large-scale stage.

Specifications Electrocompaniet AW180

Output power 180 W (at 8 ohms), 350 W (4 ohms), 650 W (2 ohms)
Output impedance less than 0.008 ohms (20 Hz – 20 kHz)
Input impedance (RCA input) 220 kOhm
Input impedance (input XLR) 110 kΩ
Input sensitivity at 1 V nominal power
Maximum peak current greater than 100 A
Harmonic distortion less than 0.001% (1 kHz, 8 ohm load)
Noise (measured with inputs shorted) 400 Hz – 30 kHz: 90 µV; 10 Hz – 30 kHz: 100 µV
Power consumption 115 W (without load or signal)
Inputs balanced XLR
LINK outputs (XLR connector) for connecting another amplifier to organize a bi-amping connection
Output to speaker systems 2 pairs of screw terminals
Power supply toroidal transformer ( 650 W), total capacitor capacity: 60000 uF
Dimensions (WxHxD) 215x288x470 mm
Weight 22 kg

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