Electrocompaniet AW250-R
Electrocompaniet AW250-R
Electrocompaniet AW250-R

Electrocompaniet AW250-R: Uncompromising two-channel power amplifier

The Electrocompaniet AW250-R is a two-channel power amplifier with an uncompromising design that can confidently drive any speaker system. The amplifier’s power supply contains huge custom toroidal transformers made using proprietary FTT technology. The entire circuit of the Electrocompaniet AW250-R is made according to the dual mono principle, using discrete audiophile-grade components. The voltage filter of each channel contains six parallel-connected capacitors of significant total capacity, which have a reduced charge/discharge time and are capable of quickly delivering energy to the load.


Extra-current output transistors (elements of each arm of the push-pull circuit are mounted on separate heat sinks, which significantly improves the overall thermal stability of the circuit) ensure that the amplifier remains operational when the load resistance is reduced to 1 Ohm. Thanks to special circuitry, the amplifier has zero intermodulation transient distortion. The output power of the AW250-R will be 2 x 1100 W, while with a load impedance of 8 ohms the device develops 2 x 250 W. The maximum peak output current of the AW250-R exceeds 100 Amps.

The amplifier is equipped with balanced inputs and outputs, while the latter are designed to implement a bi-amplifier circuit for switching on acoustics using another similar terminal. The device has double output screw terminals, making it very convenient to connect speakers via bi-wiring. Electrocompaniet AW250-R can also work as a monoblock in a bridge connection, while its output power will increase four times.


The amplifier is distinguished by a proprietary design with a massive front panel, on which there is a large gold-plated power button and a golden logo, as well as very high quality workmanship. Electrocompaniet AW250-R can be successfully used in the highest quality stereo systems, as well as in a High-End home theater, if necessary, to provide high-quality sound for large rooms.

It is very pleasant to contemplate Electrocompaniet technology. There are many supporters of this design in the world. The discreet and therefore expensive-looking gloss of the glass, gold-anodized controls and inscriptions made in the same color on a deep black background, the indication of a noble deep blue color without frills, are effectively and unobtrusively combined. But listening to this couple is still even more pleasant and exciting. In the very first seconds of the sound, it became clear that in the editorial system there were a couple of unusually musical components as guests (one might say “Varangian guests”).


All subsequent tests and musical tests confirmed the first impression. When the music demanded it, Electrocompaniet components demonstrated an unusually delicate—secret and even almost intimate touch. In another situation, the pair instantly ignited the space with explosive acoustic energy. In all cases, there was no hint of imposingness, proximity of the power ceiling or clouding of sound structures. The control of the amplifiers – primarily, of course, the AW250R – did not leave the slightest room for criticism in the lower register. Bass in the Norwegian mind can be described as fast, impulsive, timbrally clear and articulate.

Electrocompaniet AW250-R Specifications

Output impedance (20 Hz – 20 kHz) < 0.008 ohms
Input impedance (RCA unbalanced input) 220 kohms
Input impedance (XLR balanced input) 110 kohms
Input sensitivity for 1 V nominal power
Maximum peak current > 100 A
THD ( 1 kHz, half power, 8 ohm load) < 0.001%
THD (1 kHz / – 1 dB / 8 ohms) < 0.001%
Noise (measured with inputs shorted) 90 mV (400 Hz – 30 kHz); 100 mV (10 Hz – 30 kHz)
Nominal output power: : 8 Ohm 2 x 250 W, 4 Ohm 2 x 380 W, 2 Ohm 2 x 625 W, 1 Ohm 2 x 1100 W
Power consumption (no load or signal) 230 W
Dimensions (W x D x H) 483 x 450 x 210 mm
Weight 39 kg