Electrocompaniet AW400Electrocompaniet AW400
Electrocompaniet AW400

Electrocompaniet AW400: Extreme power amplifier

Electrocompaniet AW400 is a monoblock power amplifier, assembled on the basis of the same technical solutions and approaches to the design of equipment of this class as the famous monoblock AW180 M. The device is declared by the manufacturer as operating in class A, which ensures the best sound quality and the minimum level of distortion.



It is no secret that the main element of a power amplifier, which largely determines its sound quality, is the power supply. The Electrocompaniet AW400 model is equipped with a proprietary network transformer with a power of 650 VA, made using FTT (floating transformation) technology. This made it possible to double the current that the source is able to transfer to the load compared to conventional power supplies. Considering the Electrocompaniet AW400’s rated output power of 400 W, the energy provided by such a power supply will be sufficient to operate even the most complex speaker systems. The amplifier remains operational when the load impedance is reduced to 0.5 Ohm, which is a record figure for equipment of this class.

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No less important is the quality and capacitance of the filter capacitors in the source, on which the accuracy of reproduction of pulsed musical signals directly depends. The Electrocompaniet AW400 has a total capacitor capacity of 150,000 µF in the power supply, which can be discharged and charged instantly to provide the highest dynamic sound performance.



The amplifier is equipped with a balanced XLR input, as well as an output for the possible connection of a second amplifier for the implementation of a bridge circuit, or a bi-amplifier connection of speaker systems. To obtain the best sound quality, the company recommends using a balanced connection between the preamplifier and the Electrocompaniet AW400, however, if you need to implement an unbalanced circuit, you can use a special adapter. The device is equipped with two pairs of terminals for connecting speakers, which allows for a two-cable connection. Electrocompaniet AW400 is assembled in a metal case, and is distinguished by very high quality workmanship.

Specifications Electrocompaniet AW400

Input impedance (fixed) 330 kOhm
Output impedance (20 Hz – 20 kHz) < 0.01 Ohm
Frequency response (DC – 65 kHz) – 3 dB
Input voltage for rated output power 1 V rms
Maximum peak current > 150 A
THD (1 kHz, half power, 8 ohm load) < 0.006%
THD (1 kHz / – 1 dB / 8 ohms) < 0.007%
Noise (measured with inputs shorted) 400 Hz – 30 kHz: 130 mV DC
– 30 kHz: 200 mV
Rated output power: 8 Ohm 400 W, 4 Ohm 765 W, 2 Ohm 1010 W
Power consumption (no load or signal) 230 W
Dimensions (W x D x H) 358 x 470 x 261 mm
Weight 25 kg


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