Electrocompaniet AW600 Nemo
Electrocompaniet AW600 Nemo
Electrocompaniet AW600 Nemo

Electrocompaniet AW600 Nemo: Amplifier that provides absolute fidelity to music reproduction

The Electrocompaniet AW600 Nemo monoblock power amplifier provides absolute fidelity to music reproduction. Audiophiles, audio engineers, record producers and professional hi-fi reviewers all trust the AW600 to faithfully reproduce original recordings. The mesmerizing sound of the Electrocompaniet AW600 Nemo can hardly be described – it can only be experienced.

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The AW600 Nemo power supply, made using proprietary FTT (Floating Transformer Technology), is capable of delivering twice the current compared to traditional designs. Electrocompaniet AW600 Nemo is a full-fledged flagship in the branded line of monoblocks, which can provide a powerful base for any High-End system. The device was originally developed by order of the British recording studio Abbey Road in order to tame the temper of the B&W Nautilus 801 speaker systems installed there. Hence the original Jules Verne name “Nemo”.

Electrocompaniet AW600 Nemo has a discreet, stylish design. The thick acrylic panel is decorated with gilded lettering and has a blue backlight with the company logo in the center. The power switch is located on the back wall of the 41-kilogram steel case, inside of which four cooling radiators are installed.

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The device is capable of delivering a power of 600 W at a load of 8 ohms and an impressive 1.2 kW at 4 ohms. Its design consists of two AW180M monoblocks, which are located in one housing and are switched on in bridge mode. A balanced circuit with full DC coupling (from input to output) is used. At low power, the amplifier operates in class A, and when it increases, it goes into class AB. The power supply contains two toroidal transformers, and the total capacitance of the capacitors exceeds 100,000 μF.

The proprietary FTT (Floating Transformer Technology) technology is used, which stabilizes the power supply, helps reduce noise, and allows for high current and low output impedance. Therefore, Nemo can work even with acoustics whose resistance is 0.5 Ohm. An impressive damping coefficient exceeding 850 units removes any barriers associated with the selection of speaker systems. The amplifier uses selected components and uses bipolar transistors.


There is only one balanced XLR input on the rear of the monoblock. To connect a preamplifier with an unbalanced output, an RCA to XLR adapter is required. There is a balanced output for an additional end to organize a bi-amp connection. The model has two pairs of WBT screw terminals, allowing for bi-wiring connection of acoustics.

In combination with the proprietary Electrocompaniet AW600 preamplifier, Nemo is capable of providing a reference surround stage. “Nemo” allows you to get the highest resolution, amazing dynamics, powerful bass and at the same time delicately plays any musical material, accurately conveying all the shades, nuances and details. The device delights with its power, emotionality and expressiveness.

Characteristics Electrocompaniet AW600 Nemo

Output power 600 W (at 8 Ohms), 1200 W (4 Ohms)
Output impedance less than 0.009 Ohms (20 Hz – 20 kHz)
Input impedance (fixed) 330 kOhm
Frequency range (DC – 65 kHz) – 0 .4 dB
Input voltage at 1 V nominal power
Maximum peak current more than 150 A
Harmonic distortion less than 0.001% (1 kHz, half power, 8 ohm load); less than 0.0015% (1 kHz, – 1 dB, 8 ohms)
Noise (measured with inputs shorted) 400 Hz – 30 kHz: 150 µV; DC – 30 kHz: 200 µV
Damping factor more than 850
Inputs balanced XLR
Outputs XLR connector for connecting another amplifier for bi-amping connection
Output to speaker systems 2 pairs of WBT screw terminals
Power supply two toroidal transformers, total capacitance exceeds 100,000 µF
Consumption power 230 W (without load or signal)
Dimensions (WxHxD) 465x288x450 mm
Weight 41 kg