Electrocompaniet EC 4.8 MKII
Electrocompaniet EC 4.8 MKII
Electrocompaniet EC 4.8 MKII

Electrocompaniet EC 4.8 MKII: Preamplifier that occupies a flagship position

In the line of preamplifiers Electrocompaniet EC 4.8 MKII occupies a flagship position. The design of the device corresponds to its reference status. The manufacturer itself positions it as a High Performance Balanced Reference Preamplifier, and close acquaintance with the EC 4.8 MKII only confirms this high status. The Electrocompaniet EC 4.8 MKII preamplifier is a reliable link between the reference Electrocompaniet EMC 1 MKII CD player and one of the brand’s amplifiers . The device can also be used to work with components from other manufacturers.


Electrocompaniet EC 4.8 MKII has a low body, mounted on 4 anti-vibration feet and has an easily recognizable corporate design. The elegant front panel is made of black acrylic. In its central part there is a golden power button. On the left there is a small display with easy-to-read symbols, which in operating mode displays the selected input and a bar indicating the volume level. On the right side there is a set consisting of four buttons mounted crosswise, which perform the functions of a stepped volume control and an input selector. Access to other device settings is provided using the menu.

Electrocompaniet EC 4.8 MKII received a balanced circuit topology, made in accordance with the “dual mono” principle. The model is DC coupled from input to output. The EC 4.8 MKII channels are completely isolated from each other and are located on separate printed circuit boards. Each of them is equipped with its own toroidal transformer. There is also a separate transformer for the display and controls. The power supplies use 16 Nippon Chemi-Con capacitors, the total capacitance of which exceeds 25,000 µF. Discrete elements and other premium components are used.


Precision electronic volume control provides very high channel separation (>120 dB). The front display shows the selected input and, graphically, in the form of a horizontal bar, the output signal level. When turned on, the device dials up the memorized volume smoothly, within 2-3 seconds, to eliminate accidental acoustic shock and protect the speaker systems… Using the traditional Electrocompaniet four arrow buttons, you can select the input (right and left) and adjust the volume (up and down).

The included remote control is convenient; It is also possible to use the optional ECT2 radio remote control. Along with two balanced XLR inputs (SACD/DVD and CD), there are three unbalanced (Tuner, Tape and HT/Aux) and an unregulated recording output (all on RCA connectors). With its small height (only 76 mm), the device looks elegant. The designers have provided three SPAC connectors for convenient control of the system power amplifier (labeled A, B and Multi). There is a USB port for software updates. An excellent visual combination of the Electrocompaniet EC 4.8 MKII with other components of the Classic Line family (for example, with a CD player) is ensured.


Electrocompaniet EC 4.8 MKII will help unleash the full potential of an audio system built on the basis of Electrocompaniet components, and will provide natural, highly accurate and musical sound with excellent resolution, rich bass and a large stage.

Characteristics of Electrocompaniet EC 4.8 MKII

Input impedance 47 kOhm (balanced XLR input)
Output impedance 100 Ohm
Input voltage 15 V (RCA), 30 V (XLR)
Maximum output voltage 15 V (RCA), 30 V (XLR)
Gain from – 111 dB to + 6 dB
Signal-to-noise ratio 130 dB
Frequency range 0.5 Hz – 200 kHz
Channel separation 120 dB
Harmonic distortion 0.002%
Inputs 2 balanced XLR, 3 line RCA
Outputs balanced XLR, RCA for recording
Other switching 3 SPAC connectors (RJ11 )(monitoring of terminals), USB port (for charging ECT 2), DATA port (Mini USB, firmware update)
Power supply 2 toroidal transformers, capacitor capacity: more than 250,000 uF; transformer for display/control elements
Power consumption 30 W (without load and signal)
Remote control available
Dimensions (WxHxD) 470x80x372 mm
Weight 11.3 kg