Eon Art Squark SE - all-rounder

Eon Art Squark SE: Integrated amplifier with audiophile elemental components

The Eon Art Squark SE integrated amplifier is presented  – an improved version of the well-known hybrid model using a combination of a tube power supply, a tube pre-amplifier section and a transistor power amplifier (2 x 208 W at 8 Ohm).

Eon Art Squark SE
Eon Art Squark SE

The Eon Art Squark SE amplifier model now uses audiophile elemental components – Duelund and Mundorf capacitors, Kiwame and Amtrans resistors. Level adjustment is made using proprietary transistor resistor control technology, and the housing is made of massive 4 mm aluminum plates and rests on Soundcare anti-vibration mounts.

Price: $27,000

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