FX-AUDIO L07: Powerful high-quality speaker amplifier

The FX-AUDIO L07 is a high-quality speaker amplifier that offers exceptional sound thanks to a fully balanced Class D architecture. Small in size yet powerful in power, it is capable of delivering up to 400W of power, providing superior driving even to large speaker systems. Using a low-power Infineon chip, the L07 can run for long hours without overheating, maintaining sound stability even during fast-paced tracks. The amplifier is ideal for home theater use, listening to music, playing video games and hosting parties.



Characteristics of FX-AUDIO L07 :

  • Chipset: Infineon MA5332MS
  • Input Interface: Balanced XLR/Unbalanced RCA
  • Output Interface: Left and Right Channels, Speaker Jacks
  • Distortion: <0.008%
  • Frequency response range: (10Hz-24kHz)±0.3dB
  • Signal to noise ratio: 98dB
  • Output power: LR 100W+100W(8Ω), 200W+200W(4Ω)
  • Housing material: Aluminum alloy
  • Surface treatment: Oxidation after sandblasting
  • Product weight: 1556g
  • Product Dimensions: 278mm222mm182mm (Excluding protruding parts)

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