Leema Constellation Hydra II
Leema Constellation Hydra II
Leema Constellation Hydra II

Leema Constellation Hydra II: Incredible sound quality and performance

The Leema Acoustics Hydra II is a power amplifier based on the great Leema Altair IV amplifier. It has the ability to boost almost any speaker system to a level of deep realism. The amplifier is a true “dual mono” design with two transformers (one for each channel) and a third transformer for the control circuitry, providing incredible sound quality and performance.

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Possible bridge connection – for use as a single-channel amplifier. The LIPS® system’s fixed-level inputs provide optimal signal-to-noise ratio in interconnect cables when used in conjunction with the Leema Pyxis II preamplifier. Can be configured in bi-amping mode when paired with the Tucana II amplifier – either as a single-channel or stereo power amplifier with any preamp, or as a surround channel amplifier when used in conjunction with Tucana II and Corvus amplifiers as part of a no-compromise multi-channel system .

When you first get acquainted with the Leema Acoustics Hydra II power amplifier, you are surprised by the large number of connectors on the rear wall of the device. Typically, such a component, in addition to acoustic terminals, has a maximum of two pairs of inputs – balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA. Here, in addition to the balanced and unbalanced ports of the proprietary LIPS bus, there are two additional inputs for multi-channel configurations and even two outputs! The presence of the latter greatly simplifies the implementation of the biamping concept in the system, when a separate power amplifier is used for each frequency range of the speaker system.

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The Leema Acoustics Hydra II architecture is balanced with complete channel separation, each of which even uses a separate power supply with its own 300 VA toroidal transformer and a block of capacitors with a total capacity of 80,000 μF. A third power supply with a separate toroid serves the amplifier’s control electronics.

The output stages are implemented using complementary pairs of NJL4281D/NJL4302D bipolar transistors from ON Semiconductor. If desired, it is possible to switch the device to bridge mode, obtaining a monoblock capable of delivering almost 400 Watts of undistorted power to an 8 Ohm load and calmly withstanding a drop in load impedance to 2 Ohms.

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Separately, it is necessary to mention the dynamic capabilities of the power amplifier. The Leema Acoustics Hydra II handles the toughest loads with ease. The device manages to fully convey the scale of grandiose symphonic canvases – you just need to select the appropriate class of acoustic systems.

Characteristics Leema Acoustics Hydra II

Number of channels 2
Power 8 Ohm, W 2 x 160, 1 x 540
Power 4 Ohm, W 2 x 270, 1 x 785
Power 2 Ohm, W 2 x 390
Frequency range, Hz-kHz 5 – 80
Ratio s/n, dB 104
Harmonic coefficient, % 0.004

Connectors input

Analog audio 3 x RCA
Others 1 x 3.5 mm LiPs

Connectors output

Analog audio 2 x RCA
Acoustic 2 pairs
Others 1 x 3.5 mm LiPs

Dimensions, mm 440 x 110 x 330
Weight, kg 18