Marantz MM8077: Powerful seven-channel power amplifier

Marantz MM8077
Marantz MM8077

Few companies in the world of Hi-Fi Audio can boast such a rich history as Marantz. In 2018, the company celebrated its 65th anniversary. In order to understand how this brand managed to gain and maintain such a unique position in the market – the adoration of connoisseurs – audiophiles and the recognition of ordinary people “on the street” for high quality – it is necessary to trace the history of the company right back to its very origins – to the era of the birth of the music industry sound recording as we know it today.

The seven-channel power amplifier Marantz MM8077 is designed for use both in high-end home theaters and in audio systems designed for high-quality music playback. This amplifier uses the same circuitry and technology as Marantz’s high-end stereo products, giving the MM8077 very high sound quality.

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The amplifiers in this model are made of discrete elements using a current feedback circuit, which provides a high slew rate of the output signal and a wide range of operating frequencies. The amplifiers of all channels have an identical design (including the same printed circuit board topology), which guarantees uniform surround sound with precise placement of images. The Marantz MM8077 is equipped with an external IR sensor input, trigger input and output, and connectors for the Marantz control system.

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The Marantz MM8077 is equipped with unbalanced and balanced inputs, and the operating mode for each channel can be set individually. This gives good flexibility when creating a system based on this device, since the optimal connection option can be selected for each input. All amplifier inputs have a buffer circuit, which ensures good compatibility with various interconnect cables and signal sources.

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The Marantz MM8077 power supply contains a toroidal transformer of enormous power, as well as a rectifier using high-speed diodes, and filter capacitors of significant capacity. The audio path of the amplifier uses selected audiophile-grade components. The Marantz MM8077 is assembled on a copper-plated aluminum chassis, which provides reliable protection from both vibration and external electromagnetic interference, and has a metal front panel. The output transistors in the amplifier are mounted on efficient heat sinks of a “tunnel” design, which makes it possible to avoid the use of noisy forced cooling. The connectors on the rear panel of the device have gold-plated contact surfaces.

Characteristics Marantz MM8077

Output power 7 x 150 W (8 Ohms)
Inputs 7 XLR / 7 RCA, IR sensor, trigger, remote control
Outputs trigger, remote control
Frequency range 10 Hz – 100 kHz (- 3 dB)
Harmonic distortion less than 0.03%
Signal to noise ratio 105 dB
Damping coefficient 100
Dimensions (W x H x D) 440 x 185 x 384 mm
Weight 18 kg


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