Marton Opusculum Omni V1.0: Designed to function as three independent devices

The Opusculum Omni from the Polish-based manufacturer Marton is a dual mono amplifier that, according to the designer, offers maximum electronic and mechanical symmetry. The amplifier is designed to function as three independent devices, i.e. as an integrated stereo amplifier, as a stereo power amplifier or as a mono power amplifier.

The Opusculum Omni has a very large smoothing capacity, namely a total of 528,000 µF, made up of capacitors with a long lifespan and also several separate low-noise and ultra-stable power supplies. Thanks to its ability to generate high current peaks, Opusculum Omni is fully capable of working with low impedance speakers. Therefore, every speaker will deliver its full potential with this amplifier.

Marton Opusculum Omni V1.0: housing

The entire amplifier chassis (apart from the shielded transformer housing) is made of non-magnetic materials and resistant to EMI and RFI interference. The housing rests on high-quality anti-vibration feet of the GigaWatt Rolling-Ball Isolation System type. Large CNC-milled cooling fins and a perforated top and bottom plate facilitate heat transfer. All elements of the outer casing, including radiators and the internal chassis, are made individually for Marton.

Marton Opusculum Omni V1.0: output stages

The 1000 VA toroidal transformer, intended exclusively for audio circuits, is mechanically isolated from the housing. To ensure maximum insulation against vibrations (internal and external), the transformer was encased in a special anti-vibration mass.

A separate EI toroidal transformer was used for digital systems and control. It also has anti-vibration isolation and does not generate unwanted interference. This transformer powers the digital circuits that control the amplifier.

The protection of the power supply is implemented on elements that do not limit the flow of power, as in the case of traditional fuses. A specially designed hydraulic-magnetic fuse from Carling Tech was used here.

Marton Opusculum Omni V1.0: preamplifier and volume control

Marton has avoided the use of a potentiometer for volume control and even the resistance ladder technique used by many manufacturers. Such solutions typically reduce signal dynamics. The system used in Opusculum Omni does not have this disadvantage. The very high resolution of the operating system allows extremely precise power control in 0.5 dB steps, ensuring smooth, unnoticeable jumps during volume changes.

Marton Opusculum Omni V1.0: output stages and printed circuit boards

The output stages have their own adjustable set of power supplies, powered by separate transformer windings. The manufacturer says it has gone to great lengths to make the signal path as short as possible. All electronic circuits are mounted on printed circuit boards made of laminate with a thickness of 2-3 mm and a layer of copper 120 um covered with precious metal, ensuring maximum current propagation. All connections are soldered with tin-silver alloy.

The final power amplification stage is made up of 28 Sanken bipolar power transistors operating in a push-pull system.

The input signals fed to the amplifier are electrically isolated from the output stage. The internal wiring of the amplifier (reduced to a minimum) is made using the best Gigawatt Powerlink cables.

Marton Opusculum Omni V1.0: Class A operation

Marton does not use floating Class A solutions that increase current when a more dynamic signal is detected. Such a system cannot respond quickly to changes in the audio signal. The Opusculum Omni therefore works constantly in class A up to a power of 30 Watts. In many cases this is more than sufficient and class A operation is only abandoned at high volumes in large listening rooms.

The modern microprocessor system with thermal and short-circuit protection provides complete protection of the amplifier against interference, without affecting the quality of the sound. The system continuously monitors the correct operation of all phases of the amplifier and in the event of a malfunction, immediately turns off the amplifier, interrupting the signal to the speakers and internal systems.

Marton Opusculum Omni V1.0: supplied power cable

The Marton Opusculum Omni is standard equipped with a 1.5m GigaWatt LS-1 EVO+ handmade power cord. Conductive wires are made of silver-plated copper strands and covered with multi-layer insulation. The cable has a lossless passive filter made of nanocrystalline materials. Three standards of rhodium-plated plugs are available: European -SCHUKO, American -NEMA or Australian – AS/NZS 3112.

A modern alphanumeric OLED screen is mounted on the front. An aluminum remote control is used to operate all amplifier functions.

Knowing more? Then take a look at Marton’s website .

Marton Opusculum Omni V1.0: technical specifications

  • Power, stereo: 2 x 180 Watts (8 Ohms), 2 x 360 Watts (4 Ohms) at 0.1% THD
  • Power, mono, bridged: 1 x 720 Watt (8 Ohm) @ 0.1% THD
  • Power in class A: 2 x 30 Watts
  • Total Harmonic Distortion (THD+N): 0.003% @ 100 Watts / 1kHz
  • Damping factor: 5,000
  • Power bandwidth (+/- 1 dB): 10 Hz to 120 kHz
  • Input sensitivity: 1.5 Volt
  • Gain factor: +26 dB
  • Speaker impedance: 4 to 16 Ohms
  • Minimum speaker impedance for mono operation: 4 Ohm
  • Power consumption in standby: 0.3 Watt
  • Ambient temperature range: 5 to 32 degrees Celsius
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 475 x 580 x 243 millimeters
  • Weight: 49 kilograms

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