Musical Fidelity M6s PRX: The perfect combination of precision and power

Musical Fidelity M6s PRX
Musical Fidelity M6s PRX

On the front panel of the M6s PRX there is a nameplate engraved with “CRPS Dual Mono Power Amplifier”. This abbreviation stands for Choke Regulated Power Supply – a power source with throttle stabilization. This solution is often used in tube technology, but in transistor technology it is considered an unaffordable luxury due to its weight and size. The point is that the inductor not only smoothes out the ripples of the supply voltage, but is also capable of instantly releasing the energy stored in the filter capacitors. In the M6s PRX their capacitance reaches 72,000 uF, which promises outstanding dynamic performance. Inside the case there is an original chassis on which the amplifier boards are located, built according to the “dual mono” topology used in the best Musical Fidelity amplifiers. In the Musical Fidelity M6s PRX, they are complemented by a unique CRPS power supply with choke filter. The choke filter has high resistance to alternating current and low resistance to direct current, which makes it an effective solution for suppressing noise generated by the power supply and the electrical network.


Traditionally, choke filters are used in tube amplifiers, and the developers of Musical Fidelity are the first to successfully use them in combination with transistor circuitry. Another exclusive solution: the use of chokes with double bifilar winding. The CRPS power supply supplies the amplifier with clean energy, free from the inherent noise of the power supply and reliably protected from noise coming from the network. Thus, you don’t have to waste time and money searching for additional surge protectors and air conditioners for the Musical Fidelity M6s PRX. The audible result from using a CRPS power supply is an exceptional signal-to-noise ratio with absolute silence in pauses between music tracks, high detail and an excellent sound stage. Add to this the exceptional energy and dynamics delivered by 230 watts per channel and you can see why the M6s PRX is a “world class amplifier”* that excels at controlling any speaker system.


Provision is made for switching two sets of acoustics A and B, which are selected using a “swing” on the front panel. There is also a pass-through line output, with which you can easily expand the system by connecting additional amplifiers and acoustics. The output terminals are real gold-plated WBT, it’s hard to be fooled here. Complementary 160-watt Sanken STD03P/N compound transistors are installed on solid side heat sinks, four in parallel in each arm. The amplifier power is 2 x 230 W at an 8-ohm load, there is an acoustics protection system in the event of emergency situations. For external connections, there are XLR inputs and two RCA pairs (one pair switchable), as well as a linear pass-through output – if the power of the M6s PRX suddenly turns out to be insufficient, you can add another terminal in parallel to it.


The Musical Fidelity M6s PRX features the same high-quality cabinets as the other models in the series. It features superior precision craftsmanship, stylish design, and durable construction for superior sound quality. Dual switchable inputs and configurable outputs allow the Musical Fidelity M6s PRX to be used in a wide range of systems of varying complexity. And the ideal partner for it is the M6s PRE. The incredible combination of precision and power that the Musical Fidelity M6s PRX demonstrates allows it to control any acoustics while maintaining an uncolored and clear sound.

Features of Musical Fidelity M6s PRX:

Amplifier type: transistor, final, class AB
Inputs: 2 pairs RCA, pair XLR
Outputs: pair RCA Loop, 4 pairs screw
Harmonic distortion (and noise): less than 0.007%
Signal-to-noise ratio (A-weighted) : more than 120 dB
Reproducible frequency range (with unevenness 0/-1 dB): 10 – 100,000 Hz
Rated output power (8 ohm load): 2 x 230 W
Dimensions: 440 x 126 x 400 mm
Weight: 19.7 kg

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