NAD C 338
NAD C 338
NAD C 338

NAD C 338: A versatile and affordable all-in-one amplifier

The NAD C338 integrated amplifier brings incredible flexibility to any stereo system. The first hi-fi amplifier of its kind with Chromecast built-in, the C338 lets you stream and stream music directly from your mobile device or any music streaming app wirelessly. With built-in Bluetooth, the NAD C 338 connects to any smartphone, tablet or Bluetooth-enabled device within range for seamless streaming of your favorite music apps or libraries.

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Add a turntable and experience the warmth of vinyl collections with room-filling sound from NAD Hybrid Digital™ technology. Power, volume, source selection and device settings are controlled through the intuitive NAD Remote App interface for iOS and Android.

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Built on NAD’s renowned music approach to audio architecture and amplification, the NAD C338 features the most advanced components typically found in NAD’s more expensive amplifier line. Starting with the details you can hear, NAD designs low-noise circuitry with precision and stability for incredible sound with near-zero distortion.

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With a wide range of connections, including a separate headphone amplifier that can drive high-impedance monitor headphones, the NAD C338 is ready for any type of listening. Line inputs support all types of analog sources, offering ideal input impedance with linear, ultra-low noise buffer amplifiers to preserve the musicality of recordings. Also connect a subwoofer via the low impedance outputs and increase the versatility of this affordable all-in-one amplifier.

Characteristics of NAD C338

Power: 2x 50 W (nominal), 2x 150 W (peak) at 4 ohms
Frequency range: 20-20000 Hz
Distortion: less than 0.03%
Signal-to-noise ratio: 98 dB
Dumping factor: more than 300
Inputs: 2x coaxial, 2x optical, 2x analogue stereo, phono stage, Wi-Fi (Chromecast), Bluetooth
Outputs: for subwoofer
Dimensions: 435x70x285 mm
Weight: 4.85 kg