Parasound NewClassic 2125 v.2: Entry-level power amplifier

Parasound NewClassic 2125 v.2
Parasound NewClassic 2125 v.2

The entry-level Hi-End stereo power amplifier Parasound NewClassic 2125 v.2 is made in a strict classic style and is capable of delivering 125 Watts into 8 Ohms for each of two channels and easily copes with any speaker systems, reproducing stunning sound and giving listeners indescribable pleasure .


The facades, made of polished blued aluminum with golden inscriptions, look extremely elegant, but do not tend to attract undue attention, so each component will be visually compatible with most devices from other manufacturers. In addition, for an additional fee you can purchase the RMK22 mounting kit and use it to install a pre- or power amplifier into a standard rack.

The rear equipment of the power amplifier is also designed to work with a satellite/subwoofer system: there is a high-pass filter, but coarser than the previous one – the cutoff frequency is adjusted in steps (20/40 Hz). An undoubted plus for installers is the ability to change the gain level for each channel separately (there are corresponding controls), as well as turn on the amplifier in bridge mode or make it work for two pairs of speakers (A, B or A+B with the option to “lock” the latter option ), and their impedance can reach 2-3 Ohms! Such unusual functionality allowed the powerhouse to receive THX Ultra 2 certification.


When developing its amplification path, much attention was paid to measures to reduce the degree of heating. In this regard, at any volume level, the powerhouse operates in class A-B (unlike, say, similar components of the Halo line, which operate in class A at low volumes).

The circuit consists exclusively of discrete elements, is powered by a powerful toroidal transformer (it occupies a good quarter of the case volume) and is capable of delivering a current of up to 35 A to the load of each channel. The output stages are assembled on a complementary pair of Sanken C3519 and A1386 transistors, two in each arm. Their radiators are milled from cast aluminum profile. The power filter contains a pair of capacitors with a capacity of 6800 μF – not much for an amplifier with a rated power of 2×150 W (8 ohms).


The joint work of the pred and the powerful is characterized by utmost coherence. This is evidenced, in particular, by the ability to accurately position sound images on the audio stage and convey the sound of each instrument while maintaining the correct tonal balance. However, we were most impressed by the ability of the final amplifier, whose power indicators cannot be called record-breaking, to convey the dynamics of the sound not only of hard rock compositions, but also of a symphony orchestra.

Characteristics of Parasound NewClassic 2125 v.2

Number of channels: 2
Output power (8 Ohm): 2×150 W THD: 0.015%
Minimum speaker impedance: 2 Ohm
Audio inputs: linear 1
Audio outputs: linear 1
Sockets: yes
Service inputs: relay 12 V+
Dimensions 437x107x406 mm
Weight: 12.3 kg
Consumption, operation/Standby: 550/32 W

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