PS Audio Stellar M700
PS Audio Stellar M700
PS Audio Stellar M700

PS Audio Stellar M700: Provides clear, rich, musical and detailed sound

PS Audio’s engineering team of director Paul McGowan, lead engineer Bob Stadtherr, and development engineer Darren Myers put together everything they’ve learned to create the industry’s most advanced products – the BHK Signature and DirectStream, as well as the advanced Gain Cell and Analog Cell. We added the latest in Class D amplification technology and ensured that the new components performed to the highest PS Audio standards.

The developers have combined two different amplification concepts into the PS Audio Stellar M700. The input stage of the PS Audio Stellar M700 is equipped with a special circuit – the so-called Analog Cell, created by PS Audio in-house designer Darren Myers. Essentially, it is a Class A balanced differential discrete circuit with zero feedback, which is based on MOSFETs. Thanks to this input section, it is possible to convey the delicate signal received from a preamplifier or external digital-to-analog converter to the final stage without any loss. This provides the clear, open, rich, musical and detailed sound characteristic of Class A.


Analog Cell allows you to get a sound character close to that of a tube. The amplifier’s output stage uses a 700ASC amplifier module manufactured by the Danish brand ICEpower and operating in Class D, which guarantees high efficiency, high current, low distortion and excellent linearity. Therefore, the amplifier has a high damping coefficient, easily copes with any speaker systems and remains stable even with a load of 2 ohms. The advantages of the PS Audio Stellar M700 also include a fairly wide frequency range, which is important when playing high-resolution audio formats.


The terminal uses a powerful switching power supply. As a result, the PS Audio Stellar M700 is capable of delivering 350 W at a load impedance of 8 ohms and an impressive 700 W at 4 ohms. The PS Audio Stellar M700 amplifier has a low-profile black body, which is made in the signature laconic industrial design. The amplifier is equipped with balanced and unbalanced connectors for connecting a preamplifier or external DAC. The presence of two pairs of copper screw terminals with nickel plating allows you to organize a two-wire connection, and for ease of control of monoblocks as part of the audio system, there are trigger inputs and outputs on their rear panels.


In the process of creating the power amplifier, a special test chamber, Music Room One, was used. The monoblock has a high build quality, is manufactured at PS Audio’s facilities in Colorado and has an attractive price/quality ratio.