Roksan Caspian M2 Power Amplifier
Roksan Caspian M2 Power Amplifier
Roksan Caspian M2 Power Amplifier

Roksan Caspian M2: Slim power amplifier with excellent build quality

The Roksan Caspian M2 Power Amplifier series power amplifier is ideal for use with the Caspian M2 integrated amplifier in a bi-amping or tri-amping configuration. It is also capable of operating as a standalone power amplifier in combination with a preamplifier.


Roksan Caspian M2 Power Amplifier has a neat, laconic design in an industrial style. The low-rise, anti-vibration stainless steel housing has excellent build quality. The front panel is made in the style of absolute minimalism and does not have any controls or buttons. On the facade there are only two LEDs (one for each channel), which signal in different colors about the transition to standby mode or overload, and the power switch is integrated into the bottom of the model.

The Roksan Caspian M2 Power Amplifier has a carefully thought-out circuit topology that uses high-quality components. The power supply uses a massive toroidal transformer with extremely low noise levels, thanks to which the model is capable of providing power of 85 W (8 ohms) per channel or 125 W at a load of 4 ohms. The features of the model include a wide frequency range, low harmonic distortion coefficient and a fairly high damping factor.


The Roksan Caspian M2 Power Amplifier is equipped with a linear RCA input and a balanced XLR input, to select between which you use a special slide switch located at the rear of the case. The inputs are duplicated by similar RCA and XLR outputs, with which you can connect additional amplifiers to the power amplifier, which is important for biamping or triamping. Four high-quality screw terminals are available for speaker connections. Roksan Caspian M2 Power Amplifier guarantees powerful, musical and well-balanced sound. The model is produced at the Roksan factory, which is located in the UK.


The sound of Roksan Caspian is quite interesting and may appeal to a wide range of lovers of high-quality sound and experiments with it. Wide possibilities for changing the character of the sound and high sensitivity to changing cables will allow the future owner to customize the sound exactly to his liking, taking into account the specific sound of the speaker systems.

Characteristics of Roksan Caspian M2

Output power 2 x 85 W (8 ohms), 2 x 125 W (4 ohms)
Frequency range 3 Hz – 100 kHz (- 3 dB)
Harmonic distortion less than 0.005% (1 kHz, 8 ohms)
Signal ratio /noise 100 dB (900 mV)
Gain 31.6 dB
Damping factor 160 (8 ohms)
Input sensitivity 240 mV
Input impedance 38 kOhm
Output voltage 700 mV
Inputs line RCA, balanced XLR
Outputs line RCA, balanced XLR
Other switching ground terminal
Block power supply low-noise toroidal transformer (350 VA)
Power consumption 330 W (8 Ohm), 550 W (4 Ohm), standby mode: 5 W
Speaker output 2 pairs of screw terminals
Dimensions (WxHxD) 432x80x330 mm
Weight 14 kg