Rotel RB-1582 MkII
Rotel RB-1582 MkII
Rotel RB-1582 MkII

Rotel RB-1582 MkII: Accurate and powerful stereo amplifier

The Rotel RB-1582 MKII amplifier produces 200 watts per channel (at 8 ohms). A well-thought-out power supply, which includes a massive toroidal transformer placed in a protective case, as well as a set of four capacitors with a total capacity of 60,000 uF, helps it ensure such performance. These are special capacitors with perforated plates, which have a high charge/discharge rate. Thanks to this, the MkII model is able to transmit dynamic musical fragments without any lubricants or glitches, guaranteeing the accuracy and stability of the output signal.

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Rotel RB-1582 MKII chains use selected components. The circuit topology of the left and right channels follows the “dual mono” principle, with the circuit boards of each of them located on separate heat sinks. To reduce interference and noise, the grounding buses are routed to one copper plate in a star configuration. The discrete output stage uses high-current bipolar transistors – 10 pieces per channel. The high damping coefficient provides unlimited freedom in terms of acoustic selection.

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The Rotel RB-1582 MKII features a heavy metal body with an aluminum front panel and elegant corner inserts. In the center of the façade there is a ventilation grille with a protection indicator. On the left side there is a power button with a ring light. The device is equipped with sensors that monitor its temperature conditions and the parameters of the output transistors. The protection system is triggered in the event of short circuits, when permissible values ​​exceed normal limits and in other abnormal cases. In addition to the unbalanced RCA input, the amplifier has a balanced XLR input. To select between them, use the switch located on the rear panel. There are also 3.5 mm trigger connectors (input and output) that can be switched off using a toggle switch. There are 4 pairs of screw terminals that allow you to organize “bi-wiring” or “bi-amping”.

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The Rotel RB-1582 MKII follows Rotel’s Balanced Design Concept, which is an integrated approach to component development. The amplifier provides hurricane dynamics, powerful drive, but at the same time remains sensitive to the subtleties and details of the musical canvas. The model can build a large-scale stage and can be used in any audio system.

Rotel RB-1582 MKII Specifications

Output power 200 W per channel (20 Hz – 20 kHz, THD less than 0.03%, 8 ohms)
Frequency response 15 Hz – 100 kHz (± 1 dB)
Harmonic distortion less than 0.03% (20 – 20000Hz, 8 ohms, all channels active)
Intermodulation distortion less than 0.03%
Damping factor 1000 (8 ohms)
Input sensitivity/input impedance 1.5 V/32 kOhm
Signal-to-noise ratio 116 dB
Inputs balanced XLR, unbalanced RCA
Other switching two 3.5 mm trigger jacks (12 V, input/output)
Speaker output 4 pairs of screw terminals
Power consumption 550 W
Dimensions (WxHxD) 431x140x406 mm
Weight 18.5 kg

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