SimAudio Moon Neo 330A
SimAudio Moon Neo 330A
SimAudio Moon Neo 330A

SimAudio Moon Neo 330A: Powerful stereo power amplifier

SimAudio Moon 330A is a differential stereo power amplifier with per-channel power of 125 W at 8 ohms and 250 W at 4 ohms. The sound of the 330A is dynamic, tight low frequencies, low noise, excellent dynamic range and panorama transparency. This is the result of our proprietary technologies – patented Advanced Renaissance zero-feedback circuit technology, special power supply circuitry and proprietary bipolar output transistors.

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Technically, the SimAudio Moon 330A is essentially a stereo version of the flagship all-in-one powerhouse NEO 400M . Like other Simaudio products, the NEO 330A is manufactured to the highest standards in all aspects – materials and components, quality control, reliability and performance – that have made Simaudio a legend among fidelity audio enthusiasts around the world. .

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SimAudio Moon 330A has all the basic features such as communication protocol support, 12V trigger input and RS-232 port. The power supply of the final amplifier boasts a massive toroidal transformer rated at 400 VA and a bank of capacitors with a total capacity of more than 80 thousand uF. The stabilizers are made on the basis of complementary pairs of On brand bipolar transistors, MJE15030G and MJE15031G (8 A/150 V/50 W). Field-effect transistors are used in the input stages, and 4 pairs of bipolar transistors are used in the output stages, while the first 5 W of output power is provided in class A mode, then switching to economical AV.


The amplifier’s powerful and deep bass maintains elasticity and articulation in all episodes of audio playback. Vocals and percussion literally disappear into the musical space – the amplifier is capable of absolutely realistically recreating the atmosphere of a live performance. In combination with the Moon NEO 390 preamplifier , this power amplifier provides sound quality that will satisfy even the most demanding music lover.

Features of SimAudio Moon 330A

Design without global feedback, resulting in high speed and very accurate reproduction, reliable transmission of timbres, almost complete absence of intermodulation distortion, as well as elimination of common-mode errors arising from feedback operation Power
supply with a large margin power
Custom made toroidal transformer. The design with low magnetic, electrical and temperature losses improves energy transfer and stabilization coefficient. The result is higher current rate and better dynamics.
Simaudio’s proprietary MOON Bipolar output transistors technology with exceptionally linear gain characteristic results in improved bass reproduction and more accurate sound.
High damping factor for better musical dynamics, more high signal rate and tonal accuracy
Balanced differential circuit
Class A operation at up to 5 W
12 V trigger input/output
RS-232 port for two-way communication and firmware updates
Rigid chassis design to minimize external vibration
Carefully selected audiophile-grade components
Low operating temperature for very long life

SimAudio Moon 330A Specifications

Input sensitivity/impedance 0.8 V/47.5 kOhm
Output power, 8/4/2 Ohms 125/250/325 W per channel
Frequency response, -3 dB 10 Hz-125 kHz
Output impedance <0.02 ohms
Gain 31 dB
Signal-to-noise ratio 100 dB
Maximum output voltage/current 40 V/28 A Output
slew rate 52 V/µs
THD (20-20000 Hz, 125 W) 0.05%
Power consumption 500 W
Dimensions 430 x 89 x 356 mm
Weight 15 kg

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