Unitra WSH-805: Dual mono integrated amplifier


Unitra has introduced the WSH-805, an integrated amplifier with a strikingly nostalgic appearance reminiscent of the 1970s era. Surprisingly, this 22-kilogram amplifier is composed of 1,586 contemporary components. An interesting aspect of this amplifier is the presence of a switch on the front panel, allowing users to select between class A or class AB playback modes. Notably, this purely analogue amplifier does not incorporate any digital functionalities.

The Unitra WSH-805 boasts an integrated stereo amplifier featuring a dual mono design, drawing inspiration from the golden stereo era of the 1970s. The switches and VU meters retain a classic look reminiscent of fifty years ago. However, the WSH-805 incorporates modern technology, evident in its impressive noise and distortion figures. With a specified frequency range of 6 Hz to 110 kHz at level -3 dB, and a channel separation exceeding 100 dB at 1 kHz, these are performance metrics that were rarely achieved half a century ago.

The circuit has a current feedback topology. The user can also choose between class A operation and class AB operation. When using class A, the WSH-805 can deliver eight watts into eight ohms and 16 watts into four ohms. In class AB this is 80 Watts respectively. 125 watts.

The manufacturer has installed five cinch inputs at line level and a cinch input for a turntable with an MM or MC cartridge. There is also an XLR input.

The WSH-805 was inspired by the Unitra WSH-205 amplifier, a legendary piece of equipment that was primarily manufactured for export due to its exceptional quality. We believe that the WSH-205 represented the peak of stereo audio technology during the 1970s. Drawing inspiration from this iconic amplifier, we have meticulously recreated it, enhancing its features with modern advancements while preserving its core essence. The WSH-805 is a fully analog amplifier, devoid of any digital signal processing components that could potentially alter the purity of the original analog sound. As a result, the WSH-805 delivers an unparalleled audio experience that stays true to the authentic analog sound.


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