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Accuphase DC-950: Classic High-end digital-analog player

Accuphase DC-950 is a high-end digital-analog player, the latest technology of which will allow the listener to reveal the finest nuances of the recording. The Accuphase DC-950 digital-to-analog...

Accuphase DC-950
Accuphase DC-950

Accuphase DC-950 is a high-end digital-analog player, the latest technology of which will allow the listener to reveal the finest nuances of the recording. The Accuphase DC-950 digital-to-analog converter was designed to extract all the information from an SACD disc, as well as to work with DSD files with a frequency of 2.8224, 5.6448, 11.2896 Mhz and high-resolution 32bit files with a frequency of 44.1 to 384 khz.

The top cover of the Accuphase DC-950 is made of solid Japanese persimmon, varnished and polished. This gives it a chic and exclusive appearance. The housing has a double design. The chassis is mounted on patented anti-resonance feet. The front panel is made of high quality anodized aluminum. Accuphase DC-950 uses only the best materials and parts sourced from leading manufacturers.

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All Accuphase DC-950 circuit blocks are separated and shielded. The DC-950 is made using a fully balanced circuit design – “dual mono” design. All digital and analog circuits are powered separately from stabilized blocks equipped with powerful toroidal transformers that are covered with non-magnetic alloy screens.

All digital inputs of the Accuphase DC-950 are galvanically isolated to prevent interference and interference from each other. Each channel is equipped with eight Hyperstream ES 9032 Pro chips from ESS Technologies, which are included in parallel to minimize distortion and provide the most accurate conversion. The analog stages of the right and left channels are completely separated. Digital and analog circuit boards are made of fluorocarbon fiberglass fabric impregnated with fluorocarbon resin. Boards made from this material have a low dielectric constant and low losses.

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The MDSD block consists of 15 delay elements and 16 digital-to-analog converters. The DSD signal is slightly shifted in the delay elements, and as a result of this delay, the signals are divided into two groups which are then passed to digital-to-analog converters for conversion to an analog signal. Two blocks of digital-to-analog converters operate in differential mode. The high-pass filter cuts out signals outside the range of audibility of the human ear, while conversion errors that could negatively affect the sound are practically eliminated.

The output stage of the Accuphase DC-950 is made using a fully balanced circuit. For analog filtering, which significantly affects sound quality, the so-called “Direct Balanced Filter” is used, which performs independent low-pass filtering of the symmetrical and unbalanced output signal. This allows you to unleash your full musical potential. The outstanding benefits of the D/A converter section are also available for external audio components. The player is equipped with a proprietary HS-Link connector, designed to transmit a digital signal between Accuphase components.

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The end result is a digital signal of impeccable quality. This allows music to express itself with impressive expression, taking full advantage of the full potential of high-resolution DSD and PCM recordings. The gold-tone design of the front panel and the natural wood body create an elegant atmosphere. To correctly play high-resolution files on computers with Windows software, you need to install the software that comes included on a CD-ROM disk. Apple computers do not require a software disc.

Characteristics of Accuphase DC-950

Housing Double, anti-resonance design.
DAC chip 16 pcs ES 9038 Pro (32 bit)
Playback frequency 0.5 – 500000 Hz
Signal-to-noise ratio 122 dB
Total harmonic distortion 0.0005% (measured in the band 20-20000 Hz)
Supported frequencies 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96 , 176.4, 192, 352.8, 384 KHz, 2.8224, 5.6448, 11.2896 MHz
Dynamic range 119 dB

Digital inputs

S/PDIF – 3
TosLink – 2
USB – 1
HS-LINK – 1 (RJ-45)
XLR – 1 pair

Digital outputs 

Coaxial – 1
TosLink – 1

Phase switching of balanced analog output
Unbalanced analog output RCA1
Analog output stages On discrete elements, they operate in pure class “A”.
Output level adjustment from 0 to -80 dB
Operating voltage range 230 Volt
Power consumption 31 Watt
Remote control Suitable for Accuphase DP-950
Weight 24.2 kg
Dimensions (WxHxD) 477 x 156 x 393 mm