Musical Fidelity M3X DAC
Musical Fidelity M3X DAC
Musical Fidelity M3X DAC

Musical Fidelity M3X: A powerful and affordable DAC

Musical Fidelity has launched the M3x DAC, which they say is “heavily influenced” by the M6x DAC. Moreover, the M3x, unlike the M6x, is in a completely budget class. According to Musical Fidelity, they managed to reduce the price by abandoning, for example, the built-in headphone amplifier, so the Musical Fidelity M3x DAC is a DAC in its purest form.


The differences do not end there, and the main thing, perhaps, is the replacement of the ESS ES9038Q2M chipset with a more modest PCM1795, working in combination with a Burr Brown SRC4392 sampling rate converter. It reduces all PCM signals to a common denominator with 24-bit/192 kHz resolution. At the output (RCA or adjustable, including XLR), the THD was less than 0.005% at 1 kHz at 0 dB full scale and the SNR was better than 107 dB.


The developers of the new product paid special attention to interference protection. From the inside, they are minimized by “super-quiet” Musical Fidelity power transformers. Due to the low core saturation, these toroidal models have reduced intrinsic electromagnetic radiation. In addition, at the input to the system there is its own electromagnetic interference filter and a DC blocker – it will allow you to get rid of the “hum” of the transformer.


The new product is housed in a heavy steel case with a milled aluminum front panel. They shield electronics well from external interference and also have anti-vibration properties.

Musical Fidelity M3X DAC Specifications 

DAC Chip: PCM1795
Sample Rate Converter: SRC4392
Total Correlated Jitter: <48 ps peak to peak
Linearity: < 0.2 dB to -100 dB
Frequency Response: -0.2 dB at 20Hz, 0.1 dB at 20kHz; 1.5 dB at 70 kHz
Channel Separation: <-115 dB 10 kHz at 0 dBFS
Signal-to-Noise Ratio: >107 dB “A” – 1 kHz weighted at 0 dBFS
Total Harmonic Distortion: <0.005% at 1 kHz at 0 dBFS

Digital Inputs

2x coaxial, up to 24-bit 192 kHz (stereo PCM)
2x optical, up to 24-bit 192 kHz (stereo PCM)
1x USB audio class 2.0, “USB B”; up to 32bit 192kHz (stereo PCM), DSD 256 (stereo DoP and native)

Analog Outputs

1 pair RCA line jacks fix/var @ 2V RMS @ 0dBFS
1 pair XLR line jacks fixed/variable level @ 4V RMS @ 0dB full scale
Output impedance: < 50 ohms

Dimensions (WxHxD): 440 x 100 x 363 mm
Main voltage: 230 V/115 V installed internally or 100 V optional
Max. Consumption: 15W, <0.5W standby
Weight: 6.8kg

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