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SMSL PS200: Budget DAC with Bluetooth receiver

The S.M.S.L PS200 features a cutting-edge SMSL chip ES9039Q2M from ESS, enabling MQA and MQA-CD decoding.



Equipped with an advanced XMOS XU-316 processor, the PS200 supports resolutions up to PCM 32bit/768kHz and DSD512, ensuring top-notch sound quality.

With four high-end dual op amps and premium audio components, the PS200 enhances sound performance significantly.

Featuring Bluetooth, coaxial, optical, and USB inputs, the PS200 is compatible with a wide range of devices like computers, tablets, TVs, CD players, Sony PS5, Nintendo Switch, and more.

The built-in Bluetooth ensures a stable connection without requiring an additional antenna.

Powered by a convenient 5V DC adapter, the PS200 can be easily charged through the USB port of your computer, mobile phone charger, or power bank.

Ideal for gaming, in-car decoding, home audio and video, the PS200 enhances the entertainment experience across various listening scenarios.



SMSL PS200 Specifications:

  • Inputs: Bluetooth/Coaxial/Optical/USB
  • Outputs: RCA
  • Output level: 2 Vrms
  • THD+N: 0.0001% (-118 dB)
  • Dynamic range: 123 dB
  • Signal to noise ratio (SNR): 123 dB
  • USB specification: UAC1/UAC2 (switch selectable)
  • USB Compatibility: Windows 7/8/8.1/10/11 (driver required), Mac OSX 10.6+, Linux (driverless), Android, iOS, Sony PS5 (UAC1), Nintendo Switch (UAC1)
  • Sampling frequency and bit depth: USB: PCM 44.1768 kHz (32 bit), DSD 2.822422.5792 MHz (1 bit, DoP256) / Optical/Coaxial: PCM 44.1~192 kHz (24 bit), DoP64
  • Bluetooth Specification: 5.0 (SBC)
  • Dimensions: 105 x 22 x 80 mm (WxHxD)
  • Weight: 90 g
  • Power consumption: <1W
  • Standby power consumption: <0.1W

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