Argon Audio QUIET STORM: Wireless headphones with hi-fi sound

The Argon Audio QUIET STORM headphones offer exceptional performance and unparalleled comfort. These over-ear headphones provide all the essentials for an immersive music experience, all at an unbelievably affordable price. With a focus on sound quality, thoughtful design, and high-quality components, these headphones prioritize value over unnecessary features, complicated sound formats, and settings that you wouldn’t use on a regular basis.

Argon Audio has outdone themselves with the QUIET STORM headphones. Once connected to your device, you’ll be immersed in high-quality sound that strikes the perfect balance between clarity and depth. It’s like the convenience of a modern electric car – just plug in and go! With these headphones, you can focus on enjoying your music without any hassle. The collapsible design also makes it easy to carry them around in a compact manner. Get ready to be impressed by the exceptional sound quality that comes at an affordable price point.


The QUIET STORM headphones offer an impressive battery life of up to 30 hours when using the ANC feature. In case the battery runs out, you have the option to continue listening by using the provided cable or recharge fully in just 2 hours with a standard USB charger, which is likely already available at home for your phone. With just 5 minutes of quick charging, you can enjoy an additional 2 hours of playtime. This ensures that you always have music at your fingertips.

Argon Audio QUIET STORM comes in a sleek black finish and includes a hardcase transport case, minijack audio cable, and USB-C charging cable.


The QUIET STORM headphones feature a plush headband and soft leather ear cushions that provide a comfortable fit around the ears. This design helps to minimize background noise, while the advanced noise cancellation technology further reduces distractions. As a result, you can enjoy a peaceful listening experience without being disturbed by loud engine sounds or crying babies.

By simply pressing a button on the earcup, you can activate the ambient mode function to listen to messages from the flight attendant or keep up with conversations in the workplace. This feature allows you to stay connected to the outside world for as long as you desire.


  • Great hi-fi sound quality with good bass
  • Stylish and comfortable lightweight design
  • Up to 30 hours of battery life / 300 hours of standby time
  • Effective Noise Reduction (ANC)
  • Bluetooth 5.0 incl. AAC
  • Can play via cable, even when the battery is dead
  • Fully foldable design
  • Hardcase transport case included


  • No touch control
  • Not smart start/stop
  • Not aptX Bluetooth
  • No direct activation of the voice assistant on the phone
  • Not dedicated app
  • USB charger is optional