Audeze LCD-XC
Audeze LCD-XC
Audeze LCD-XC

Audeze LCD-XC: Classic headphones with balanced sound from edge to edge

Audeze LCD-XC headphones have all the sound advantages of the company’s traditional models, but are made in closed housings, which provide good protection from external noise. Audeze is known for its commitment to using exotic woods in the construction of its headphones. In this model, it is the African bubinga tree from which the emitter housings are made. The chassis of the earcups is made of aluminum, and this combination not only gives the headphones a very sophisticated appearance, but is also very successful acoustically. The headphones are equipped with leather (or velor, depending on the version) ear pads with very soft padding, so you can listen to music in the Audeze LCD-XC for a long time without fatigue. The steel headband of the headphones is also covered with a shock-absorbing pad.


The fastening of the earcups allows them to be rotated in two planes, so the headphones fit on your head very comfortably. The headphones are equipped with isodynamic (planar) drivers, in which the voice coil is flat and placed directly on the sound-emitting membrane. The membrane is located in the field of neodymium permanent magnets, the proprietary Fazor configuration of which ensures high field uniformity and minimal nonlinear distortion.

Like other models in the series, the Audeze LCD-XC has a detachable connecting cable – it connects to both cups using mini-XLR connectors. The headphones come with two cables – one with a balanced XLR connector for connecting to compatible headphone amplifiers (for example, those manufactured by Audeze), and the other with a regular jack with a diameter of 6.3 mm. There is also a reliable branded case for storing headphones. It is also worth mentioning the presence of special wood care products included in the package.

Isodynamic headphones have a more detailed and rhythmic sound compared to conventional dynamic models, and also develop higher sound pressure at low frequencies. Audeze LCD-XC are headphones for the most demanding audiophiles in terms of sound quality.

Characteristics of Audeze LCD-XC

Type full-size, isodynamic, closed
Category wired Frequency
range 5 Hz – 20 kHz
Sensitivity 95 dB
Sound pressure more than 130 dB
Maximum input power 1 – 4 W (peak 15 W)
Harmonic distortion less than 1%
Impedance 20 Ohm
Emitter isodynamic , planar, Fazon magnetic system (neodymium magnets)
Diaphragm area 39.8 cm2
Body material bubinga wood + aluminum
Ear pads leather, velor
Cable removable: 250 cm
Mini-XLR connector (balanced)
Weight 650 g (without cable)
Equipment cable 4- pin XLR to two 4-pin mini-XLR connectors, 6.3 mm jack cable to two mini-XLR connectors, storage case, wood care product