Audeze Sine DX
Audeze Sine DX
Audeze Sine DX

Audeze Sine DX: Perfectly crafted planar magnetic on-ear headphones

The Audeze Sine DX are planar magnetic on-ear headphones that are an open-back version of the well-known closed-back Sine model. Stereo phones provide a wider and deeper sound stage with a clear separation of musical images in space, guarantee linear frequency response and long hours of listening without fatigue.

The headphones have high sensitivity, a wide frequency range and low impedance, so they can be used in tandem with portable devices, including smartphones, tablets and Hi-Res players.

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The model sports a stylish modern industrial design with asymmetrical cup shapes, which was developed by Designworks (A BMW Group Company) from California. The Audeze Sine DX headphones have a lightweight, durable aluminum frame. The cups can be rotated at an angle of ninety degrees in different planes, which makes transporting the model easier. The easily removable ear pads and headband are covered with genuine leather, and their soft, high-quality filling guarantees a fairly high level of comfort.

Audeze Sine DX drivers use a large, ultra-thin film membrane onto which conductive tracks are carefully applied using Uniforce technology, i.e. The membrane simultaneously plays the role of a voice coil, while ensuring minimal distortion. According to the company, the thickness of such a diaphragm is comparable to the thickness of a human hair. The result is superior transient response, ultra-fast response, high resolution and impressive 3D sound imaging. Powerful neodymium Fluxor systems are used as magnets, and the Fazor technology used in the Audeze Sine DX includes special acoustic elements that optimize the direction of sound waves inside the case. This makes it possible to get rid of resonances, provide the correct waveform and get a more accurate, clear and perfectly focused sound.

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The model is equipped with a flat, removable, double-sided cable. The cable is connected to the cups using special 3.5 mm connectors, which have housings with a thirty-degree angle and are inserted at an angle, which is very convenient. A 3.5 mm plug is used to connect to the signal source, and the corresponding standard adapter will help you connect the Audeze Sine DX to a regular 6.3 mm jack. A fabric case is provided for storing and carrying the model.

Characteristics of Audeze Sine DX

Type open over-ear isodynamic headphones
Category wired
Frame material aluminum Ear pad
material high-quality filler, genuine leather Headband
material high-quality filler, genuine leather
Emitters planar magnetic emitters (80 x 70 mm), ultra-thin Uniforce membranes, neodymium magnetic systems Fluxor (N50 ), Fazor acoustic elements
Maximum power 10 W
Maximum sound pressure level more than 130 dB
Sensitivity 102 dB/mW
Frequency range 10 Hz – 50 kHz
Harmonic coefficient less than 0.2% (100 dB)
Impedance 30 Ohm
Recommended amplifier power more than 100 mW
Straight cable , flat, double-sided, removable, angled connection to cups
Cable length 1.25 m
3.5 mm plug, adapter for 6.3 mm jack included
Fabric carrying/storage case included
Weight 290 g