Audio-Technica ATH-AD1000X
Audio-Technica ATH-AD1000X
Audio-Technica ATH-AD1000X

Audio-Technica ATH-AD1000X: Open, natural sound with crystal-clear high frequencies

The Audio-Technica ATH-AD1000X model primarily impresses with the size of its aluminum cups, the back of which is made in the form of a grille, allowing you to see large broadband drivers with membranes with a diameter of 53 mm. These speakers are distinguished by the fact that their voice coils are wound with a special wire – the so-called bi-metallic conductor Copper Clad Aluminum Wire (CCAW), which is an aluminum conductor coated with a layer of purified copper. This design ensures more accurate signal transmission, while losses are minimized, which has a positive effect on sound quality.

The headphones are also equipped with a special self-adjusting 3D Wing Support Housing, which consists of separate “legs” with fabric pads that can move in three planes. Thanks to such pads, the model “sits” very comfortably on the head and prevents the transmission of mechanical vibrations that can ruin the entire listening experience. The headband is reinforced with two elastic metal arches. Soft fabric ear pads comfortably cover your ears.


The Audio-Technica ATH-AD1000X uses a three-meter, double-sided cable with oxygen-free copper conductors and a thick outer braid. A standard mini-jack plug is used, but the set also includes an adapter for sockets with a diameter of 6.3 mm.

The main feature of these headphones is still the nature of their sound. Thanks to all the know-how used in the Audio-Technica ATH-AD1000X, the developers managed to achieve an open, natural sound with crystal-clear high frequencies, smooth tonal balance and a superb stage where every musical image is in its place. The model is able to pull out and mint literally every detail of a musical work. The bass in her performance is perfectly articulated, elastic, quite deep and does not dominate the rest of the range. Mid frequencies are well developed. The headphones are especially good at conveying the sound of live instruments and voices. They are perfect for listening to jazz, classical, instrumental compositions, and can also cope with other, more artificial genres.

Characteristics Audio-Technica ATH-AD1000X

Type monitor, open type
Category wired
Emitter broadband drivers (2 x 53 mm)
Frequency range 5 – 40000 Hz
Impedance 40 Ohm
Sensitivity 102 dB/mW
Maximum power 2000 mW
Cup material aluminum
Ear pad material fabric
Cable straight, double-sided , material: high purity oxygen-free copper (OFC)
Cable length 3 m
Cable plug gold-plated connector 3.5 mm; adapter for 6.3 mm
Weight 265 g