Audio Technica ATH-AWKG

Audio Technica ATH-AWKG: Elegant over-ear headphones in Kurogaki wood

It is made by hand in Tokyo and presents itself in an elegant guise made of Kurogaki wood – we are talking about the new Audio-Technica headphones, whose exclusive claim is underlined by the rare type of wood.

Audio Technica ATH-AWKG: Over-ear with clear sound

Kurogaki is a material valued in Japanese craftsmanship. It is made from the wood of the over 100-year-old persimmon tree – also called persimmon – and is refined in a complex drying process. The headphones also receive a hand-applied finish.

The ATH-AWKG from Audio Technica comes in an elegant wooden case

The ATH-AWKG is equipped with two 53mm dynamic drivers with Permendur magnet system and 6N OFC voice coil. It should have crystal clear sound and accurate bass reproduction. Thanks to its ergonomic ear cushions and the soft, durable sheepskin headband cover, it always fits perfectly even during long listening sessions and is very comfortable to wear, say the Japanese.

Delivery and price

Of course, such a noble manufactured product cannot be delivered in a plain polyester bag: Audio Technica therefore packages the ATH-AWKG in a housing with decorations made of Kurogaki wood.

The scope of delivery includes two interchangeable, three meter long cables with A2DC plugs. One is equipped with a gold-plated 6.3 mm stereo jack plug, the other with a balanced 4-pin XLRM plug.

Price: $3,500

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