Audio-Technica ATH-L5000: Exquisitely crafted audiophile headphones

Audio-Technica ATH-L5000 are dynamic stereo headphones with a closed design, and the housings of their drivers are made of sycamore wood covered with aniline leather. This provides the headphones with excellent sound characteristics, as wood has good anti-resonance properties. In addition, such cases give the Audio-Technica ATH-L5000 a very sophisticated appearance, which many potential buyers will also certainly appreciate.


The headphones feature 58mm carbon fiber reinforced drivers that were designed specifically for use in the ATH-L5000. The speakers have a neodymium-based magnetic system made using Permendur technology, which ensures their high efficiency. The voice coil in the drivers is wound with highly purified oxygen-free copper wire (8N-OFC), which ensures the most complete use of the energy supplied from the amplifier. The speaker frame is made of light magnesium alloy and has high rigidity with minimal weight. To obtain deep bass, the ATH-L5000 headphones use a double air damping system for the drivers, thereby achieving the necessary mobility of their diffusers.

The Audio-Technica ATH-L5000 sits very comfortably on your head thanks to the patented 3D Wing Support headband design, as well as soft ear pads made of genuine leather. The connecting cable connects to both earcups via the A2DC connector, which equalizes the load on the head and ensures maximum stereo sound quality. The cable has a highly purified oxygen-free copper conductor (6N), is 3 meters long and is highly flexible. The headphones are equipped with a gold-plated jack with a diameter of 6.3 mm. ATH-L5000 are supplied in a metal gift case for storage. To store and carry the Audio-Technica ATH-L5000, there is a hard case that resembles a small leather suitcase and is equipped with a silk-coated tray.


Audio-Technica ATH-L5000 headphones have very high sound quality and are recommended for music lovers who are most demanding of sound quality. Thanks to their high sensitivity, these headphones can be used with portable equipment, but this model will be able to achieve its full potential when connected to a specialized high-class amplifier. Discover the warm, natural sound created by the exquisitely crafted Audio-Technica ATH-L5000 audiophile headphones.

Characteristics of Audio-Technica ATH-L5000

Type closed full-size headphones of the top level
Category wired
Emitters 2 x 58 mm wideband drivers with membranes having a diamond-like coating DLC, coils wound with wires made of OFC copper (7N), a CFRP frame is used Frequency
range 5–50000 Hz
Impedance 45 ohms
Sensitivity 100 dB/mW
Maximum input power 1000 mW
Cup material white maple, metal, premium aniline leather finish from Connolly Leather
Cables 1) straight, double-sided, four-conductor, material: OFC (6N) copper + OFC/elastomer sheath , connectors for connecting to cups: A2DC, plug: gold-plated 6.3 mm; 2) AT-B1XA, straight, double-sided, four-wire, material: OFC (6N) copper + OFC/elastomer sheath, cup connectors: A2DC, plug: 4-pin balanced XLR (male) Cable length
3 m
Hard case in included
Weight 480 g (without cable)

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