Audio-Technica ATH-WBLTD: over-ear headphones with wooden ear cups

Audio-Technica has announced the ATH-WBLTD, its latest limited edition over-ear headphones with wooden earcups, limited to only 300 units worldwide. These headphones with wooden earcups are made with the greatest craftsmanship and from the same woods used for rare top-class stringed instruments. This not only makes it exceptionally beautiful, but also delivers superior sound quality, according to the designers.

Audio Technica ATH-WBLTD

The ATH-WBLTD builds on the previous ATH-WB2022 wireless wooden headphones that Audio-Technica released in 2022 for its sixtieth anniversary. With the ATH-WBLTD, Audio-Technica responds to the demand for wired listening in high definition.

The ATH-WBLTD is equipped with new 45?mm HD drivers that, according to the manufacturer, are the result of decades of research into lifelike and accurate sound reproduction. The result is an impressively responsive and expressive soundstage, further enhanced by the diamond-like carbon (DLC) coated diaphragm. This allows the headphones to bring out the subtlest tones, from the lowest to the highest frequencies.

The ear cups of the ATH-WBLTD are carefully crafted from three layers of solid flamed maple, walnut and mahogany wood. They are hand-polished by the skilled craftsmen at Fujigen Inc., one of Japan’s largest guitar makers, and the wood is specially selected for the expressiveness of the grain and for its superior acoustic and vibration-dampening properties.

The wood ages along with the headphones, transforming them into a cherished and unique object that can be passed on from one generation to the next. The stitched ergonomic ear cushions and headband are made of smooth and ultra-durable lambskin for long-lasting comfort, while the temples are made of aluminum alloy and angled for an ideal fit.

ATH-WB2022: features and technical properties

  • Ear cups made of hand-finished maple, walnut and mahogany wood. The unique physical properties of the wood are used to create a clear sound field, with rich tonality across the entire frequency range.
  • The new 45?mm drivers are made by Audio-Technica itself and specially tuned for analog connections and for an exceptionally expressive listening experience
  • The DLC-coated diaphragm delivers high-resolution bass and is extremely clear in the highs. The powerful magnetic circuit with integrated pure iron yoke provides a powerful sound
  • The voice coils are made of high-purity 7N-OFC (oxygen-free copper with a high purity of 99.999997%), for impressive power transfer and accurate transmission of the audio signal
  • Ergonomic lambskin ear cushions and headband, with lightweight aluminum temples, for a comfortable fit
  • Collapsible design for easier carrying
  • Included: two 1.2m detachable cables with A2DC (Audio Designed Detachable Coaxial) connectors on the housing: one double-sided balanced cable with five-pin 4.4?mm plugs, a second with a 3.5?mm stereo mini plug, as well as a 6.35?mm adapter for connection to various audio devices

The Audio-Technica ATH-WBLTD has a suggested retail price of just under 1,800 euros.

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