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BGVP DX7: In-ear headphones with a unique sound tuning system

BGVP DX7 are new in-ear headphones with a 14.2 mm driver and a unique sound tuning system that is not typical for the in-ear form factor. Improved Dynamic Driver Design Compared to the thicker...


BGVP DX7 are new in-ear headphones with a 14.2 mm driver and a unique sound tuning system that is not typical for the in-ear form factor.


Improved Dynamic Driver Design
Compared to the thicker dynamic driver design of the previous BGVP DX6, the DX7’s innovative diaphragm design is thinner and has a faster release time, achieving a better balance between low-frequency response and high-frequency extension.

Customize the sound to suit your taste!
Breaking the traditional fixed tuning method of in-ear headphones, the DX7 uses a unique filter-swap tuning design to provide two tuning styles for versatile and elite sound.


New Dynamic Diaphragm Material
The generously sized 14.2mm carbon element consists of a first layer of PET, a second layer of carbon nanomaterial and a third layer of polyurethane elements. Carbon composite dynamic diaphragm has the following advantages:

  • (i) light weight,
  • (ii) wide sound range,
  • (iii) good elasticity and rigidity,
  • (iv) high temperature and fatigue resistance,
  • (v) provides additional protection from moisture and the external environment.

The DX7 Modular 2-in-1 Plug
uses a modular plug design and comes complete with two standard plugs, 3.5mm unbalanced and 4.4mm balanced. It can be freely matched according to different audio jacks, and is compatible with most major sources and amplification equipment on the market.

Standard MMCX Interface
The DX7’s female chassis base and corresponding male cable plug are designed using pure copper secondary amplification, ensuring high reliability and stability. This serves to reduce the likelihood of poor contact or loosening caused by repeated connections and disconnections. The MMCX connector system is widely used and therefore the DX7 is widely compatible with many commercially available MMCX cables.


Premium Cable for Premium Headphones
The cable is made of two-core unidirectional silver copper cable with silver plating. The DX7 dynamic driver is configured to complement the DX7 audio signature. It also uses hollow wire and manufacturing process to increase the softness of the wire and reduce wearing fatigue and microphone effect. The DX7’s

aircraft grade 7 Series aluminum body
uses a lightweight aluminum cavity formed by a German 5-axis precision CNC machine. The surface was treated using a customized combination of grinding, oxidation and polishing. This complex and multi-step process creates a pleasant, luxurious and textured metal body of the headphones.

Ergonomic Design
For flat headphones, the advantage of superior comfort is a key aspect for headphone and headset users. To achieve this, based on years of experience and user feedback on the DX series, we have optimized the diameter of the headphone body that touches the human ear, making it even more comfortable to wear and more enjoyable to listen to than our previous models.


BGVP DX7 Features:

  • Sensitivity: 121 dB
  • Resistance: 37 Ohm
  • Frequency range: 10 Hz – 40 kHz
  • Rated power: 179 mV
  • Difference between channels: ±1 dB
  • Speaker diaphragm diameter: 14.2mm
  • Diaphragm: Carbon composite
  • Coil: CCAW
  • Magnet: N52 magnet
  • Shell material: aluminum alloy
  • Cable: silver plated copper wire
  • Cable length: 120±3cm