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CCA Trio

CCA Trio: In-ear headphones with three 8mm dynamic drivers

The CCA Trio headphones feature an innovative set of three 8mm dynamic drivers, each carefully tuned to deliver unparalleled sound quality across the entire audio spectrum. From deep bass to crisp highs, the CCA Trio delivers stunning detail in every note, offering listeners a truly immersive sound experience.

CCA Trio are new headphones with three 8mm dynamic drivers.
CCA Trio are new headphones with three 8mm dynamic drivers.

Precision Three-Way Crossover Technology
Thanks to precision electronic three-way crossover technology, the CCA Trio achieves impeccable separation of low, mid and high frequencies. This advanced design distributes each frequency range to individual speakers, minimizing interference and delivering clear, balanced sound that stays true to the original recording.


CCA Trio

Customizable Sound with 4-Level Switching
The CCA Trio features a professional filter with 4-level switching, allowing listeners to customize their sound. Whether you’re looking for deep, resonating bass or bright, airy treble, with a simple flip of a switch you can cater to any preference, offering a diverse auditory landscape to suit all genres and moods.

Versatile and Harmonious Sound
CCA Trio are known for their “Universal Harman” sound signature, which retains the natural essence of a traditional Harman curve while delivering a rich and well-controlled sound. Bass is impressive without being overwhelming, sub-bass is deep, and vocals are delivered with surprising clarity. The separation of high-frequency details and vocals is enhanced by the headphones’ innovative acoustic design, ensuring each listening session is unique and enjoyable.

Independent dynamic drivers for each frequency range
The CCA Trio is unique in that it uses three separate 8mm dynamic drivers, each designed to accurately reproduce a specific part of the audio spectrum. With this unique approach, bass, mids, and highs are individually optimized to ensure a consistent, clutter-free listening experience while precisely preserving the integrity of each frequency range.


CCA Trio

Ergonomic design for superior comfort
The CCA Trio headphones are designed to provide maximum comfort. They have an ergonomic shape that fits securely in the ear canal. The lightweight design combines with slow-recoil polyurethane foam earplugs to provide a comfortable fit that lasts over long periods of listening, preventing ear fatigue.

CCA Trio Features:

  • Sensitivity: 101-103 dB
  • Frequency range: 20 Hz – 40000 Hz
  • Resistance: 15-20 ohms
  • Headphone connector: 2-pin 0.75mm
  • Cable Connector: 3.5mm

Price: $37

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