CVJ Bidong
CVJ Bidong
CVJ Bidong

CVJ Bidong: Limited-edition, premium hybrid in-ear monitors

Raise your audio levels with CVJ BiDong , a limited-edition, premium 1DD+6BA hybrid monitor. Designed to deliver exceptional sound quality, these headphones boast a three-way electronic and physical crossover for crystal clear audio reproduction across the entire frequency spectrum.

CVJ BiDong

Experience sonic nirvana with a seven-driver CVJ BiDong hybrid setup on each side. Featuring a dynamic driver paired with six high-performance balanced armature drivers, these IEMs deliver unparalleled detail and resolution, making them ideal for audiophiles and music lovers.

Immerse yourself in the nuances of your favorite tracks with the carefully designed CVJ three-way electronic and physical crossover. This innovative approach ensures that each driver performs at its peak, delivering punching bass, detailed mids and sparkling highs.

Features of CVJ Bidong:

  • Sensitivity: 112 dB
  • Frequency range: 10 Hz – 40000 Hz
  • Resistance: 28 ohms
  • Headphone jack: 2-pin 0.75mm

Price: $189

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