Elysian Pilgrim: Hybrid headphones with a 9.2 mm LSR driver

Elysian Pilgrim
Elysian Pilgrim

Elysian Pilgrim are new hybrid headphones with a 9.2 mm LSR driver and three armature drivers from Sonion. The drivers of the new Pilgrim work with a three-way crossover.

Elysian Pilgrim

LSR Driver
Instead of using vibrating bone conductors or traditional PET drivers, we took a different approach by developing a custom 9.2mm dynamic driver with Liquid Silicon Rubber (LSR) technology. The LSR is capable of reproducing low frequencies reaching an impressive 10 Hz, compared to the standard 20 Hz for traditional PET drivers. This helps create powerful bass.
After numerous rounds of research and development, we were able to optimize the size of the LSR to provide powerful impact without sacrificing audio transmission speed.

The material (magnesium-aluminum alloy) for the speaker has also been selected to ensure optimal performance over a long period of time. This design provides amazingly fast, deep and accurate reproduction with minimal output distortion, creating a natural and richly detailed full-frequency connection.

Elysian Pilgrim

Characteristics of Elysian Pilgrim :

  • Driver configuration: 1 LSR DD+3VA
  • Sensitivity: 101dB
  • Frequency range: 10 Hz – 20000 Hz
  • Resistance: 9 ohms
  • Headphone Jack: MMCX
  • Cable connector: ?? mm

Price : $399

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