EPZ S80: TWS with 16.2 mm speaker

EPZ has released the new TWS S80 . They received a dynamic driver with a 16.2 mm “biodynamic” diaphragm. Operating time is stated to be 15+45 hours.


The combination of lightweight and high-performance materials provides exceptional sound performance, including superior resolution, ultra-low linear distortion and a wide soundstage. The S80 particularly excels in the low-frequency range, delivering powerful and deep bass for audiophiles with the highest audio expectations.


Bluetooth 5.3 with BES2600 Chip
Thanks to the advanced domestically developed BES2600 chip, S80 provides seamless Bluetooth 5.3 connection. This revolutionary chip delivers minimal interference, fast pairing, reliable stability and low power consumption, ushering in a new era of wireless audio technology that seamlessly blends HI-FI audio quality with advanced Bluetooth capabilities.

Harman Tuned Acoustics
Experience the expertise of Harman’s former Chief Acoustics Engineer. Years of HI-FI tuning experience have been used to overcome the limitations of open-back headphones, delivering balanced and immersive sound.


Clear speech for calls
S80 is equipped with four high-performance MEMS microphones, which implement advanced noise filtering algorithms. With 35dB noise reduction capability, you can enjoy crystal clear calls even in the most challenging environments. The specially designed driver minimizes distortion, delivering high-definition sound with deep bass and extended treble.

Ergonomic Design
Made from liquid silicone material, the S80 headphones provide unrivaled comfort for long-term wearing. Ergonomic design providing a secure and comfortable fit that sets them apart in the market.

Characteristics of EPZ S80

IPX5 Waterproof Rating
Featuring an IPX5 waterproof rating, the S80’s compact and well-designed body remains stable and resilient in a variety of weather conditions. Rain or shine, the S80 is your reliable companion.

Price: $113

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