FiiO FA19: Armature headphones with 10 balanced drivers

FiiO FA19
FiiO FA19

FiiO FA19 are purely armature headphones with 10 balanced drivers from the KNOWLES company.
They use a unique bass enhancement system with negative feedback, thanks to which the headphones have deep and rich bass. Collaboration with Knowles and the use of four advanced drivers per channel have resulted in a product that delivers powerful sound.

FiiO FA19 headphones combine innovative technology and engineering excellence. A special feature is the use of precise DLP 3D printing technology to form the housing, directing low-frequency energy and reducing resonance at the rear of the headphones. This provides a unique bass response rarely found in pure armature headphones.

FiiO FA19

Their goal was to create a truly monumental multi-BA headphone. We aimed to shake up the existing multi-BA driver flagship IEM market and spent three years refining it.

FiiO has worked closely with Knowles to create the ten FA19 balanced armature drivers. Together, they created a bass armature driver specifically for the FA19 with enhanced performance to provide the listener with deep low-frequency reproduction that is rarely found in armature IEMs.

In addition, FiiO has worked closely with Knowles to optimize the mid- and high-frequency drivers so that they sound not only highly detailed, but also with a pleasing smoothness. With the FA19, we’ve carefully tuned every part of the frequency response curve to achieve truly cohesive and resolving sound.

Price: $999


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