FiiO FW5
FiiO FW5
FiiO FW5

FiiO FW5: Hi-Fi class hybrid wireless headphones

FiiO has launched the FW5 hybrid wireless headphones . They are positioned by the company as Hi-Fi class headphones in the TWS form factor.

FiiO FW5

TWS Features:
96KHz/24bit Snapdragon Sound + 96K/24bit, up to 900Kbps LHDC transmission

1) Qualcomm QCC5141 flagship TWS chip + AKM AK4332 independent DAC/amplifier
It completely breaks the performance limits of traditional integrated chip with Bluetooth and Bluetooth functions DAC. The results are distortion up to 0.0014%, SNR up to 108 dB and dynamic range 104 dB, which fully meets the basic requirements for HiFi audio performance.

2)1 Dynamic Driver + 2 Balanced Armatures.
US Knowles balanced armatures and a FiiO-designed dynamic driver combine to deliver a no-compromise acoustic solution.

3) After three years’ experience of independently developing TWS software and hardware for UTWS1/3/5 models, user-friendliness and reliable quality are guaranteed.

4) Rare four physical side buttons with maximum convenience: eliminating accidental clicks from the very moment you pick them up.


  • Configuration: 1DD+2BA
  • Speaker: 10mm with DLC diaphragm
  • BA drivers: from Knowles
  • Built-in independent AK4432 DAC chip
  • High quality Bluetooth chip QCC5141
  • LHDC/aptX Adaptive support
  • Battery life 22 hours +
  • Wireless + wired charging
  • Dual microphone with cVc noise reduction when talking
  • Support transparent/low latency mode switching