Final Audio D7000: Flagship planar magnetic headphones

Final Audio D7000
Final Audio D7000

If you’re a fan of planar magnetic headphones, you’ve probably heard of the Japanese brand Final Audio and its D8000 headphones. Now the company has released a new model of flagship headphones – D7000, with updated technology.

Final Audio D7000

Since the creation of the first flagship D8000 in 2017, Final has continued to explore and develop ideas for a new flagship earphone with a different approach. By developing a driver with a new “Pina Align cone” and a more efficient “Air Film Damping System” (AFDS), the long-awaited new flagship was created alongside the D8000 and D8000 Pro Edition.
AFDS uses the same principle that allows headphones, sealed with ear pads, to reproduce low frequencies despite their small size. By sealing the inside of the ear pads, bass tones can be reproduced further into the low-frequency range, but with the bass produced in an enclosed space, similar to headphones.
In the D7000, AFDS solves the problem of diaphragm-magnet contact, further reducing the frequency of bass that the driver can produce. Combined with breathable ear cushions, the D7000 delivers bass with a sense of volume and openness previously only possible with dynamic drivers.

Light diaphragms are required to reproduce delicate high frequencies. The D7000 adopts a vibration system that is about 1/3 lighter than dynamic headphones of the same diameter, and has a structure in which ultra-thin aluminum foil is etched onto an ultra-light film diaphragm. This eliminates the need to use glue to connect the coil and diaphragm, which fundamentally solves the problems caused by adhesives and allows delicate high frequencies to be reproduced.

Combining the delicate high range of planar magnetic field with the spacious and open bass of dynamic type in the D7000, you will experience the freshness of familiar music and the desire to listen to it again and again. Enjoy superior sound quality and touch the deepest parts of your music.

For the D7000, Final redesigned the iris coil and punch metal shape to allow for more effective iris braking. Installation of the AFDS requires extremely high precision, housed in a machined aluminum-magnesium alloy housing.

The D Series is manufactured at Final’s headquarters in Kawasaki. The accuracy of product assembly depends not only on the accuracy of the parts, but also on the accuracy of the assembly fixtures. Manufacturing jigs are designed and manufactured in-house, allowing subtle variations in component accuracy to be fine-tuned during assembly.
In addition, exclusive products for the D series have been developed, including production equipment such as diaphragm forming machines and measuring instruments.
To create truly premium products, it is necessary to use raw materials obtained in close proximity to production. The advantage of products made in Japan is the ability to easily achieve cooperation with local manufacturers and maintain high quality products by controlling the entire process – from receiving parts (materials) to assembling the product.

Both closed-back and open-back headphones often feature sealed ear pads to extend the range of low frequencies that normally cannot be reproduced. However, achieving this while maintaining the original natural spaciousness of the source requires that the driver’s ability to reproduce low frequencies be combined with ear pads with low sealing and ventilation. Conventional planar magnetic and general dynamic headphones often lack quality bass extension and/or properly sealed ear pads.
With the D Series, Final was able to extend the low frequency range using AFDS, allowing sufficient low frequency reproduction even with poorly sealed ear pads using only the driver’s capabilities. The ear pads that greatly influence the sound quality are the new D Series products, made of highly breathable foam and special fibers. The D7000 uses a special, durable fabric with Japanese paper that remains dry to the touch as the surface material. The same material is used for the headband, which makes it durable and resistant to moisture.


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