Final D7000: Over-ear headphones with a unique AFDS planar magnet driver


Final has recently unveiled their latest creation, the D7000. This over-ear model proudly joins the esteemed D series as its fourth member. While it upholds the same principles and values as its predecessors, the D7000 also embraces the ever-evolving demands of the modern era, as emphasized by its designers.

One of the standout features of the D7000 is Final’s proprietary AFDS planar magnet driver. This groundbreaking technology seamlessly combines the ethereal highs of planar headphones with the captivating volume and bass of dynamic drivers. The diaphragm, weighing only a fraction of what other manufacturers offer, enables the reproduction of high frequencies with unparalleled precision and an exceptional level of detail.

Crafted with utmost precision, the earcups of the D7000 are made from finely machined aluminum, ensuring durability and a luxurious feel. Additionally, the inclusion of a robust carrying case guarantees the safe transportation of these remarkable headphones during your travels.

Final confidently asserts that with the D7000, you will rediscover the joy of listening to both your cherished classics and newfound favorites.

While the D7000 has been meticulously measured and tested under ideal conditions, Final acknowledges that the shape of the auricle varies from person to person, leading to differences in perceived sound quality. To address this concern, Final conducted extensive simulations and listening experiments, catering to various outer ear shapes. As a result, they have arrived at a diffuser shape that optimizes sound quality for the majority of users.

With conventional magnetostatic drivers, the diaphragm can come into contact with the magnet at low frequencies. To solve this problem, Final performed membrane simulations using the finite element method and measurements using a laser Doppler vibrometer and created a new damping technology for the membrane called “Air Film Damping System” (AFDS). This technology is to some extent a reinvention of the planar magnetic field type. For the D7000, Final has revised the geometry of the AFDS to allow even more efficient braking of the diaphragm before contact with the magnets.

Final D7000: ear cushions and ear cups

The ear cushions have a major influence on the sound quality. Final has redesigned the ear cushions for the D series. They are made of highly breathable foam and, in the case of the D7000, a special fabric whose surface material contains Japanese paper. This keeps the ear cushions dry to the touch and is designed to last a long time. The same material is also used in the headband. To realize the AFDS, extremely high precision is required compared to traditional driver units. That’s why Final makes the housing from an aluminum-magnesium alloy.

The Final D7000 is designed in such a way that almost all parts are screwable and removable, making it easy to repair and very long-lasting. It also allows for possible future changes and improvements. The D Series is manufactured at Final’s headquarters in Kawasaki. The accuracy of product assembly depends not only on the accuracy of the parts, but also on the accuracy of the fixtures during assembly. Final designs and manufactures production fixtures in-house, so minor variations in component precision can be immediately eliminated during assembly. To make really good products, you have to be ‘close’ to your suppliers. The great thing about “Made in Japan” is that you can collaborate with manufacturers who are also “close” to the raw materials. In addition, Final is able to produce high-quality products because it consistently controls the process from the source of the parts (materials) to the assembly of the product.

The Final D7000 is supplied in an aluminum carrying case and a three-metre length OFC cable with a 6.35 mm jack plug is included. The specified sensitivity is 89 dB/mW and the impedance is 50 Ohm. The D7000 weighs 437 grams.

Final D7000: price and delivery information

Price and delivery information have yet to be announced. Just as an indication, we can report that we saw a price of just under 3,300 euros.

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