Focal Bathys
Focal Bathys
Focal Bathys

Focal Bathys: Light ANC headphones with hi-fi sound

Focal has introduced Bathys wireless headphones with active noise cancellation (ANC). According to the manufacturer, Bathys provides clear Hi-Fi sound via Bluetooth 5.1 with multipoint or wired connection thanks to USB-DAC mode.

Focal Bathys have a premium design with genuine leather on the headband and aluminum and magnesium on the ear pads. In the center of each earbud there is a flame logo with a white backlight that can be activated if desired. Despite the high-quality materials, Focal Bathys are lighter and more compact than some of the company’s high-end corded models, and also come with a carrying case to make them easy to take on the go.


The headphones use high-quality French-made 40mm aluminum-magnesium M-shaped dome drivers with a claimed frequency response of 15 Hz to 22 kHz. A total of eight microphones perform noise-canceling and voice-calling functions, promising crystal-clear phone calls thanks to Clear Voice Capture technology and two noise-canceling modes.

The noise-canceling feature provides superior sound insulation and operates in two modes: Silent for suppressing loud noise, and Soft for better concentration. In addition, there is a transparency mode that allows you to hear environmental sounds if necessary. The patented drivers are manufactured in France at the Focal factory and feature an aluminum-magnesium alloy dome that provides clarity and high precision sound, detail and dynamics of sound.


Silent mode is optimized for trips with high background noise (planes, trains, etc.), while Soft mode is designed for home, office, etc. There is also a Transparency mode that allows users to hear the sounds around them when needed. Built-in USB-DAC mode supports high-resolution audio up to 24-bit/192 kHz.

Focal Bathys support 24-bit/192 kHz audio playback and voice assistant functions (Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant). Battery life is up to 30 hours while listening to music. A 15-minute charge provides five hours of battery life. The headphones come with two cables (1.2 m) with a 3.5 mm connector and USB Type-C.

In terms of analytics and naturalness, the model can compete with wired flagships. I especially liked the vocal performance: we staged Danielle Ponder with her amazing vocal range and depth. The latter literally gives you goosebumps, especially in the chorus of Roll The Credits – you can feel the care with which the headphones convey even subtle halftones and transitions, maintaining the incredible pressure and expression of the voice.

The instrumentation also sounds impressive: on Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio’s “Big TT’s Blues,” the guitarist uses a vintage spring reverb that follows every note played on the Fender Stratocaster. The headphones convey this surround sound of the guitar, and at the same time you clearly understand that this is an effect and not a reverberation of the room, since there is that very slight click in the after-sounds. We are sure that connoisseurs of guitar sound will be delighted.


A range in which there is always a temptation to raise the frequency response in order to improve the effect of presence and brightness of the sound. But Focal Bathys play the top delicately, sometimes even too delicately. I would like more drive and air, but the headphones focus on developing the high-frequency range.

In the track Reappropriate by the duo Charlotte Adijeri and Bolis Pupul, the high frequencies together with super-low bass push the composition from both sides. The high-frequency edge turns out to be quite smooth, there is no feeling that the headphones are “choking” and do not maintain this expression.

Focal has introduced excellent full sizes for travel and daily listening. Bathys headphones will make their wearer stand out from the crowd, drawing eyes to the glowing white Focal logo. But the owner will not care about this, because he will be immersed in the musical depths. Indeed, Bathys is a bathyscaphe in which you can be alone with your thoughts and your favorite track. We are waiting for you to audition at Dr.Head!

Features of  Focal Bathys

Aluminum-magnesium alloy M-dome speakers made in France;
Built-in USB DAC with 24-bit resolution, 192 kHz
Active noise reduction operating in two modes: Silent and Soft;
Support for SBC, AAC, Apt-X and Apt-X Adaptive codecs;
Operating time up to 30 hours;
Fast charging function – 15 minutes provide 5 hours of listening time;
Made from high quality materials – magnesium, genuine leather, aluminum.
Weight: 350 g