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HarmonicDyne x Z Reviews Eris
HarmonicDyne x Z Reviews Eris
HarmonicDyne x Z Reviews Eris

HarmonicDyne and Z Reviews launches Eris semi-open headphones

Eris was born out of a collaboration between HarmonicDyne and renowned audio reviewer Zeos of Z Reviews. These headphones use a custom designed 50mm dynamic driver tuned by Zeos for this project. Eris’ goal is to offer a unique experience that is unparalleled in the world of headphones.


The modern Eris dynamic driver
is based on the latest generation of ceramic-metallic dynamic drivers HarmonicDyne (CMHFMLS-DD). The 50mm ceramic-metal alloy diaphragm provides high sensitivity and excellent sound quality. The diaphragm combines the strength of thin metal sheets with the rigidity of a ceramic layer, providing high resolution, wide stage and deep low frequencies without noticeable distortion. Even experienced audiophiles will appreciate the unique timbre of these headphones.

Eris 1

The semi-closed design
of the Eris features an M-type system for passive ventilation of the acoustic chamber. This system combines the benefits of closed-back headphones, such as better sound isolation (-5 dB), with passive airflow to create an “open” sound effect. Balancing the internal pressure in the acoustic chamber allows you to achieve a realistic sound stage and controlled bass, including sub-bass. All without the sound leakage associated with open-back headphones, reducing outside noise.

Comfort, Quality, Looks
Zeos has paid special attention to the comfort of the Eris for long listening sessions. The ear pads are made of soft materials and covered with microsuede and vegan leather, providing ideal ventilation, isolation and comfort. The headband and frame are made of durable materials: plastic, glass, aluminum, and have passed strict strength tests. The headphones weigh 320g (without cable), making them lightweight for long-term use. The matte black body and stylish purple glass back give them a modern and sleek look.

Balanced Cable
Eris comes with a 4.4mm balanced cable (dual 3.5mm input) made from specially tuned copper. Although more expensive to manufacture, this cable provides a reliable connection to any audio source, allowing you to enjoy high-quality sound right out of the box. If necessary, the cable can be replaced with another 3.5mm dual cable for customization.

Eris headphones
Eris headphones

Two listening modes
Thanks to the Eris’ symmetrical design, you can connect the cable in reverse for a new and unique listening experience. By moving the driver to the rear of the earcup, the focus shifts from detail to a wider soundstage while maintaining overall sound and tonality.

The Mythology of the Goddess Eris
In the HarmonicDyne tradition, the headphones are named after ancient deities. The name Eris was chosen by Zeos in honor of the goddess of discord from Greek mythology. Sister of Ares, the god of war, she is known for her destructive antics and participation in battles. These headphones are designed to be just as disruptive in the audio world.

Eris requires up to 50 hours of driver warm-up and approximately 10 hours of ear pad warm-up to achieve its final sound. If the new ear pads are noisy, remove them and wipe the plastic surface underneath with a clean cloth to remove any manufacturing residue, then replace the ear pads.

Characteristics of HarmonicDyne Eris:

  • Speaker 50mm
  • Resistance: 32ohm
  • Frequency range: 10Hz – 70000Hz
  • Sensitivity: 118dB
  • Weight: 320g

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