HarmonicDyne Athena
HarmonicDyne Athena
HarmonicDyne Athena

HarmonicDyne Athena: Dynamic headphones with a new composite diaphragm

The HarmonicDyne Athena is a new headphone with a 50mm metal-ceramic composite driver.

HarmonicDyne Athena

The HarmonicDyne Athena has been designed around an all-new large 50mm dynamic driver. The membrane consists of a new metal-ceramic composite material that is incredibly thin and has great tensile strength.
Instead of depositing a metal layer on a plastic diaphragm as in conventional Be-layer diaphragms, the new metal-ceramic composite is a seamless amalgam of high-purity metal alloys and ultra-dense ceramic carbon fibers produced at extreme temperatures.

The result is a more seamless, high-resolution sound reproduction with exquisite diaphragm responsiveness and fast transients. With a lighter, thinner and stronger membrane, listeners can now enjoy music with greater dynamic range and less distortion.

New Voice Coil and Magnetic Drive System
To power the new 50mm diaphragm, we developed a new high-efficiency, ultra-thin voice coil and high-flux magnetic housing inside the speaker. The ultra-thin voice coil has thinner strands wound more tightly together to better respond to the signal. Stronger, more efficient magnets distribute superior power evenly across the entire diaphragm for a more dynamic listening experience.

Studio-Grade Tuning
At HarmonicDyne, we’ve learned that great speakers aren’t fully enjoyable without the right tuning. That’s why Athena features our most comprehensive acoustic tuning strategy to date. We have studied headphone body curvature through numerous academic and commercial studies and integrated our findings into Athena.

HarmonicDyne Athena


Athena delivers a tonally balanced sound signature with a 3dB sub-bass boost focused only in the 0-200Hz range, smooth mids for natural-sounding instruments and vocals, and precise highs that peak at exactly 3kHz to match the perceived auditory compensation of the human ear. Athena is not only our most tonally advanced headphone yet, but also the fine-tuning standard for future headphones to come to market.

Side Ventilation System
The ear pads have been redesigned and feature a new M-shaped side ventilation system. Compared to traditional front and rear ventilation strategies, M-shaped side ventilation improves airflow. With improved airflow, Athena delivers cleaner, higher quality sound with a more natural soundstage and stereo imaging.

HarmonicDyne Athena

Beautiful Design
Just like its name, Athena has excellent acoustic capabilities as well as its appearance. Besides the impressive high-resolution audio it produces, Athena’s texture and design are also eye-catching. The inventive use of glass adds a richness of texture and turns the Athena not only into a high-end HiFi headphone, but also into a beautiful accessory.


  • 50mm composite ceramic metal driver with new high-performance ultra-thin voice coil and high-flux magnetic housing.
  • Studio tuning with timbral balanced sound and 3 dB sub-bass boost.
  • Innovative M-shaped side ventilation system for improved airflow and cleaner, more transparent sound.
  • Ergonomic headband with larger contact area and softer cushion layer for comfort and dedicated OCC coaxial cable for clear listening.

HarmonicDyne Athena

Characteristics of HarmonicDyne Athena:

  • Speaker: 50mm
  • Type: semi-open
  • Resistance: 34 ohms
  • Sensitivity: 116.5 dB
  • Frequency range: 10 Hz – 70000 Hz
  • Cable Connector: 3.5mm
  • Ear pad material: suede fabric