Heartfield Orange - 4BA in-ear headphones
Heartfield Orange - 4BA in-ear headphones
Heartfield Orange - 4BA in-ear headphones

Heartfield Orange: Armature headphones with 4 drivers

Heartfield Orange – new armature headphones with 4 drivers.

Four Independent Balanced Armature Drivers
“The color Orange represents sincerity and fulfillment of aspiration, symbolizing a faith that has endured hundreds of trials, unwaveringly pursuing its original purpose. Introducing Heartfield Orange, a seamless evolution of the venerable Star River Pro, enriched with its unique character. Immerse yourself in the pinnacle of audio precision with Heartfield Orange. Designed to redefine your hearing experience, these exceptional headphones feature an outstanding driver configuration that takes advantage of four independent balanced armature drivers. This advanced layout flawlessly combines all hearing intricacies, delivering unrivaled frequency response covering a wide range from 20 to 20000 Hz.

Heartfield Orange

Wearing comfort and ergonomic design
Ensuring that you can wear your headphones with confidence, our design is based on the ergonomics of the headphone body. This approach provides versatility in volume and sound isolation, ensuring a comfortable fit for most ear shapes. The body is carefully crafted from imported resin material, skillfully combining skin-friendly texture with lightweight durability.

3.5mm Gold/Silver/Copper Braided Hybrid Headphone Cable
Heartfield Orange features a standard 3.5mm Gold/Silver/Copper Braided Hybrid Headphone Cable. This integration seamlessly combines premium oxygen-free copper with gold and silver wires for balanced sound and detail. The cable sheath uses an elastic, highly transparent material that not only guarantees comfort, but also minimizes the stethoscope effect. This precise synergy, coupled with Orange’s signature sound quality and exquisite aesthetics, embodies a flawless combination of sonic prowess and captivating visual charm.


304 Stainless Steel
Heartfield Orange uses a carefully engineered sonic tip made from 304 stainless steel. This precision element ensures audio accuracy comparable to the stringent standards found in food and medical equipment, providing a combination of safety and durability.

Three-Way Crossover
Taking the auditory experience to unprecedented heights, Heartfield Orange demonstrates the utmost attention to technical excellence. At its core is an intricately designed three-way crossover, a masterpiece of engineering that exalts the art of separation and coherence of sound across different frequencies. This exceptional achievement is the culmination of careful development and meticulous calibration, resulting in a soundscape that reverberates with unparalleled precision and exquisite balance.

Price: $390