In-ear monitors Hidizs MP145In-ear monitors Hidizs MP145
In-ear monitors Hidizs MP145

Hidizs launches MP145 magnetic planar in-ear monitors

Hi-Fi brand Hidizs presented MP145 magnetic planar headphones in a “whale” design on Kickstarter. And the word “whale” here should be taken not in the sense of “set”, but as the name of a sea animal. HIDISZ was supported in the development of the MP145 by the charity Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC). And according to her profile, the headphones are meant to “raise awareness of the role whales play in keeping oceans healthy.”

Therefore, the outer surface of the aluminum alloy headphone body is ribbed, like the belly of a whale, and the three-pointed icon on the outer plane should be associated with a whale’s tail. Hidizs calls the bass reflex openings underneath “bionic breathing holes.” All this required the use of ultra-precision casting followed by processing on a five-axis CNC machine.


The case matches the contents quite well. This is a magnetic planar driver, one of the largest, if we talk about intra-channel drivers, with a diameter of 14.5 mm. The maximum magnetic flux of about 1 Tesla is provided by symmetrically located 2×7 magnets made of N52H alloy. The result is a sensitivity of 104 dB at an impedance of 30 Ohms, that is, the new product will work perfectly with both an advanced DAP and a regular smartphone.

The sound of the MP145 is adjusted using proprietary “pneumatic” filters; the kit includes three pieces. Special attachments have also been added to emphasize low, mid and high frequencies. There are nine possible combinations in total. The connection type, unbalanced 3.5 mm or balanced 4.4 mm, can be selected upon purchase. The cable is braided, silver-plated four-core copper, 1.2 m long. It is connected to the headphones with 0.78 mm 2-pin connectors.

For early birders from the US on Kickstarter, the Hidizs MP145 headphones are currently available for a prepayment of $110, and their full price will be $150.


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