HIFIMAN Arya Organic
HIFIMAN Arya Organic
HIFIMAN Arya Organic

HIFIMAN Arya Organic: Open planar magnetic headphones

HIFIMAN ARYA ORGANIC is the latest version of open-closed magnetic planar headphones.

  • The new Arya Organic features an updated industrial design with wooden cups for a fuller sound
  • Maintains incredible imaging and soundstage
  • HiFiMAN Stealth magnets provide detailed and transparent sound.
  • Now it’s even easier to rock with lower 16 ohm impedance and 94 dB sensitivity

HIFIMAN Arya Organic

HiFiMAN begins shipping the third generation of the famous Arya headphones: Arya Organic. The Arya Organic features an updated industrial design that uses wooden cups to provide a fuller sound while maintaining the wide soundstage and neutral response that made the original Arya and its follow-up Stealth Magnets two of the company’s most successful models.

Featuring an ergonomic design that is comfortable for most listeners, the Arya includes unique HiFiMAN features such as a patented “window shade” system that reduces reflections to expand the soundstage. The ultra-thin diaphragm ensures faster response and minimal distortion.

Arya fans often ask for a next-generation model with an even more “full sound signature,” meaning more detail and improved overall frequency response. Arya Organic is our answer, with a soundstage and sonic output that will satisfy the most demanding audiophiles and music lovers.”

Fang Bian – President and CEO of HiFiMAN Electronics

HIFIMAN Arya Organic

Traditional magnets generate sound waves that can cause interference. The special shape of HiFiMAN’s Stealth magnets allows waves to pass through them without interference. This design is acoustically transparent, minimizing sound wave degradation and reducing distortion for an accurate audio signal.

The breakthrough technology developed by HiFiMAN is the first of its kind in the field of headphones. Working with this advanced material is extremely challenging, but the successful use of this film as the Arya’s planar driver is the cornerstone of its remarkable sound.

Years of research into planar driver optimization have led HiFiMAN to use an asymmetrical design with smaller magnets on the ear-facing side. This reduces interference in the transmission of sound waves from the membrane.

Technical characteristics of HIFIMAN Arya Organic :

  • Frequency range: 8 Hz – 65 kHz
  • Resistance: 16 Ohm
  • Sensitivity: 94 dB
  • Weight: 440 g

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