HiFiMan Susvara Unveiled: Flagship magnetostatic over-ear headphones


HiFiMan has unveiled the Susvara Unveiled, a pair of magnetostatic over-ear headphones with a detachable cable. “We named the new model Susvara Unveiled because every detail of well-recorded music is revealed through the design and components of the headphones,” said lead designer Dr. Fang Bian,

HiFiMan Susvara Unveiled

Most open headphones have a metal mesh grille to protect the drivers. This protective grille must be as open as possible so that the air around the driver’s membrane can move as freely as possible. According to the manufacturer, HiFiMan’s top models, including the HE1000 and the original Susvara, are specially designed to maximize the openness of the grilles, because the nanometer-thick membrane is so lightweight that reflections from the protective grille disrupt the movement pattern of the membrane.

“The most effective way to prevent reflections and refraction of sound waves from the grille is to remove the grille, which leads to complete openness of the driver. The result is sound that is noticeably more detailed and open. That’s why we call this approach ‘demystified’ technology.” And that is “Unveiled” in English.

The open part of the headphones inspired Dr. Bian to create a removable back panel called Magnetic Veil, which is the result of HiFiMan using CNC (Computer Numerical Control) technology, a process that uses computer software to control the movement and operation of machines that cut materials, cutting and engraving. These magnetic veils fit over the ear cups and help prevent damage caused by the absorption of magnetic objects when the headphones are not in use.

New to the Susvara Unveiled is a metallic silver conductor layer, because silver has the highest conductivity of all metals. Sensitivity is maximized, subtle details are revealed and the feeling of “air” or “lightness” that is so important for high-quality audio performance is significantly improved, according to HiFiMan.

The Susvara Unveiled features HiFiMan’s Stealth Magnet technology with an asymmetrical, double-sided magnetic circuit that gradually adjusts the opening and cross-sectional shape of the magnet, both inside and outside the membar. This approach ensures maximum sound transmission and membrane control force at a refined balance point, keeping distortion to an absolute minimum for sound that is naturally warmer, with maximum imaging and transparency.

HiFiMan specifies a frequency range of 6 Hz to 75 kHz, a sensitivity of 86 dB and an impedance of 45 Ohm. The new Susvara Unveiled weighs 430 grams.

Price and delivery information have not yet been announced.


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