Kefine Delci
Kefine Delci
Kefine Delci

Kefine Delci: Dynamic headphones with a 10mm diaphragm

Kefine Delci are new dynamic headphones with a 10mm diaphragm made of DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) + PU composite material.

Kefine Delci

Clear and powerful sound

The 10mm dynamic driver is made of DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) and PU composite material.
DLC helps make high definition sound with good energy in high frequencies, and PU materials and double magnet design make powerful and rich bass with amazing atmosphere. This is the best combination of material and driver design, as DLC usually produces bright sound and tight bass, while PU materials help improve bass and make the sound balanced.
With this combination, the headphones have high resolution and deep bass, but without harsh sound. Overall, the DLC produces powerful and rich bass, clear mids, and smooth highs.

Kefine Delci


Lightweight and comfortable design

The weight of one earphone is only 5.3g, which is only 50% of the weight of metal injection earphones. The headphone body is CNC machined from a single piece of aluminum alloy, making it one of the lightest metal headphones available. This makes for extremely comfortable wearing.

Durable and elegant body

The beautiful metallic finish of the headphone housing is achieved through precision CNC machining, polishing and anodizing of aircraft-grade aluminum. You don’t have to worry about scratches or paint falling off.
The metallic color of the headphone body shows the texture of the metal material. This gives an elegant design and high build quality.

Excellent quality cable

The two-color cable is made of 164 copper wires (54×2+28×2). After testing many different cables, this cable provides the best balanced sound thanks to the combination of DLC membrane, which helps produce a warm and rich sound, as well as excellent clarity.

Kefine Delci cable

Characteristics of Kefine Delci:

  • Sensitivity: 108 dB
  • Frequency range: 20 Hz – 20000 Hz
  • Resistance: 28 ohms
  • Headphone jack: 2-pin
  • Cable Connector: 3.5mm

Price: $75

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