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Kiwi Ears x Crinacle Singolo
Kiwi Ears x Crinacle Singolo
Kiwi Ears x Crinacle Singolo

Kiwi Ears x Crinacle Singolo: 11mm dynamic headphones

Kiwi Ears , in collaboration with the world’s top 1 reviewer Crinacle , has released the Singolo 11mm dynamic headphones with the Kiwi-designed KARS acoustic resonator. Available in two colors.

Kiwi Ears x Crinacle Singolo

Kiwi Ears x Crinacle
We’ve partnered with Crinacle, one of the world’s most renowned audio reviewers. Crinacle changed the in-ear headphone industry forever with its frequency measurement database, which is the largest compilation of tone signatures available on the Internet. By allowing people to visualize the sound signatures of headphones and earbuds, Krinakle demystified the audio industry, paving a new path towards a scientific and transparent approach to the design of headphones and earbuds. Crinacle has contributed its expertise in the development of Singolo, which demonstrates its years of experience and knowledge in the field of in-ear monitors.

Kiwi Ears x Crinacle Singolo

Kiwi Acoustic Resonance System (KARS)
KARS is not a gimmick, but a discrete bandpass filter that controls the airflow to the speaker, adjusting the low frequencies. This patented innovation features a complex network of labyrinth tubes that was designed based on numerous scientific and physical models to perfectly calculate the appropriate resonance point for the Singolo speaker. KARS makes a tight sub-bass region possible; something that was previously not possible in a single speaker IEM. The quality, quantity and texture of the bass are unmatched by any other tuning strategy used in speakers of this format.

Unlike traditional crossovers that use multiple drivers with RC (resistor capacitor) networks, KARS uses Helmholtz resonance to adjust tuning. Air flow to the dynamic driver controls the degree of membrane response, but also requires additional calculations of flow rate, direction and volume. KARS allows you to precisely adjust this airflow to control the sound as you wish. While capacitors and resistors provide crossover design solutions, they also add unwanted artifacts to the sound in the form of distortion, especially if cheap SMD components are used.

With KARS, the sound you hear comes directly from the speaker itself, delivering clear, high-resolution audio without interference from passive electrical components. KARS also eliminates the need for driver vents, which were traditionally used to control airflow in drivers. These meshes have low tolerances, resulting in unit discrepancies as well as low strength. KARS’ precision engineering eliminates the possibility of imbalance and ensures that each unit sounds evenly.

The specific lengths, dimensions and right angles of the KARS had to be scientifically calculated and tested to control the subbass shelf. KARS is precisely 3D printed to within 1.0 microns. The labyrinth regulates airflow at the rear of the speaker’s dynamic chamber by tightly controlling back pressure on the diaphragm. This achieves two goals at once – precise adjustment of sub-bass and low frequencies, as well as adjustment of pressure ventilation in the ear, which provides more comfortable listening without pressure. Finally, KARS calculates the ability to eliminate rear wave reflections from the speaker, reducing wave smoothing and creating higher-quality sound.

Kiwi Ears x Crinacle Singolo

Specifications of Kiwi Ears x Crinacle Singolo:

  • Sensitivity: 108 dB
  • Frequency range: 20 Hz – 20000 Hz
  • Resistance: 32 Ohm
  • Headphone connector: 2-pin 0.78mm
  • Cable Connector: 3.5mm

Price: $79 You can

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