Klipsch HP-3
Klipsch HP-3
Klipsch HP-3

Klipsch HP-3: Full-size headphones for the most demanding audiophiles

Klipsch HP-3 are full-size headphones that are part of the legendary Heritage series of models. The headphones are made in the same recognizable design as the Heritage speakers, and only selected natural materials are used in their construction. At the same time, Klipsch HP-3 are headphones for the most demanding audiophiles in terms of sound quality, who also value the comfort of use and design of audio equipment.


Klipsch HP-3 headphones are relatively light in weight and sit very comfortably on your head. The earcups are carved from natural wood (options: ebony, walnut, oak), and their back part is covered with a metal mesh. This achieves the semi-open design of the Klipsch HP-3 (holes are also provided on the front panels of the cups), which allows you to get an extended sound picture, focused and deep bass and at the same time good protection from external noise.

The headphones are equipped with custom BioDynamic dynamic drivers with diffusers made of biocellulose and inorganic fiber. The speakers have a frameless design to maximize the radiating surface area of ​​the diaphragms and are equipped with an efficient magnetic system. In accordance with the general concept of Klipsch acoustics, laid down by its founder, Klipsch HP-3 have high sensitivity, which makes it easier to choose an amplifier for them.


The memory foam ear pads and headband cover are made from different types of genuine leather. Klipsch HP-3 have a detachable cable, while the headphones come with two connectors 1.37 and 2.5 meters in an outer nylon braid, as well as a custom adapter for jacks with a diameter of 6.3 mm. The headphones are packaged in a natural wood box with a transparent top cover, which is a completely independent art object. As a useful addition to the Klipsch HP-3, the user will receive a proprietary steel stand for storing headphones.

Characteristics of Klipsch Heritage HP-3

Type full-size, semi-open
Category wired
Frequency range 5 Hz – 34 kHz
Emitter 52 mm, dynamic, KG-520, biocellulose diffuser
Body material wood (ebony, walnut or oak)
Impedance 25 Ohms
Sensitivity 98 dB
Input power 1600 mW
Removable cable
Weight 440 grams
Includes 1.37 m cable, 2.5 m cable, adapter for 6.3 mm sockets, steel stand

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