KZ VXS: Hybrid TWS headphones with a 10 mm dynamic driver

KZ VXS – new hybrid TWS headphones with a 10 mm dynamic driver.


High sound quality: Qualcomm Bluetooth chip QCC 3040, support Apt-X lossless decoding technology. Bluetooth 5.2 connection
Qualcomm QCC3040 chip, a new generation of Bluetooth 5.2, supports APT-X lossless data transmission, provides faster connection, stronger anti-interference and more stable performance. Comes with CD-level audio decoding, supports 16-bit, 24-bit audio and the highest sampling rate up to 48KHz, reducing audio quality loss and preserving more music details. Both earphones have independent and complete chips, which can switch between one and two ears extremely quickly, improve connection stability and reduce sound interruption caused by music or calls. Independent dual connection design, you can take it at any time without disconnecting.

Dual mode design: Full power mode/Game mode
Smart touch is upgraded, you can switch multiple functions with a light touch. Convex surface design prevents accidental touching, high sensitivity and fast response.
Press the left earbud 3 times to turn on full power mode.
Deep analysis, beautiful original sound.
Treble is clear, midrange is full, and bass is strong.
Click on the right earbud 3 times to enable low latency gaming mode.
Enjoy in the gaming world, 40ms without lag.
Synchronized sound and image, surround sound effects and smooth gameplay.

CVC Call Noise Canceling
Using CVC microphone noise reduction technology, plus professional digital ambient background sound algorithms, effectively reducing background noise during calls, can effectively reduce background noise by 90%.

Long Battery Life
Upgraded magnetic fast charging case, it can be charged automatically when placed in it, and it can be automatically turned off when it is full. Charging Case: The earbuds should have a playtime of at least 4 hours, and the large capacity 400mAh battery will accompany you on your music journey.