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KZ XTRA: TWS headphones with a 10mm speaker and ANC

KZ XTRA TWS headphones use the advanced Qualcomm QCC3091 chip with a carefully optimized PCB layout. This offers efficient power use, improved connectivity and superior sound quality, far superior to budget chips in all aspects.


Signal-to-noise ratio up to 120 dB
KZ XTRA TWS headphones with Qualcomm QCC3091 chip have an impressive signal-to-noise ratio up to 120 dB. This provides clearer and clearer sound quality than conventional Bluetooth chips, delivering an incomparable audio experience.

Triple Mic Noise Canceling Technology with 55dB Noise Reduction
Experience maximum noise cancellation with KZ XTRA thanks to Triple Mic Hybrid Noise Canceling Technology. With 55dB noise reduction, these headphones deliver immersive and uninterrupted sound, setting a new standard in the industry.

Built-in exclusive DSP acoustic algorithm
KZ XTRA uses built-in exclusive DSP acoustic algorithm to achieve a new level of wireless audio quality. This cutting-edge technology delivers precise audio processing, offering an unparalleled listening experience with rich, clear and immersive sound.

High bitrate audio with Qualcomm aptX
KZ XTRA takes audio quality to the next level with Qualcomm’s exclusive aptX audio transmission technology. aptX offers twice the bandwidth of the SBC transmission protocol, delivering richer, clearer, and more detailed audio.

High-quality audio with AAC technology
AAC high-resolution audio compression and decoding technology delivers clear, detailed, and high-quality audio. This cutting-edge technology delivers an exceptional listening experience, taking sound quality to new heights.

Audiophile Quality with Snapdragon Sound
Powered by Snapdragon Sound, the QCC3091 chip supports lossless music streaming in 24-bit 48 kHz, letting you hear every detail of the music as the artist intended. Snapdragon Sound also delivers improved reliability and low latency voice for in-game communication. DAC performance has been improved to improve SNR and reduce noise compared to previous generations.

Ultra-low latency of 55ms
We reject the false advertising of competitors who claim to have low latency, but in reality it is around 100ms. At KZ XTRA, our proven ultra-low latency of 55ms is the highest industry standard, proven across the entire signal chain. Unlike others who sample data selectively, we measure the true latency from the mobile device signal to reception, decoding and output to Bluetooth headphones. Qualcomm Bluetooth chips in the KZ XTRA headphones offer unmatched processing power while delivering the lowest latency on the market.

High quality calls with CVC noise reduction
Experience smooth and clear call quality with CVC noise canceling technology in the KZ XTRA headphones. Qualcomm’s patented technology ensures no background noise during calls, offering an uninterrupted and professional call experience.

Impressive Sound Quality with Super Linear Dynamic Driver
The KZ XTRA headphones feature a 10mm Super Linear Dynamic Driver that delivers stunning sound quality. Enjoy powerful bass, crisp mids and crystal clear highs for immersive, high-quality sound.

Enhanced Bass Outperforms Wired Headphones
The KZ XTRA headphones have improved frequency response with enhanced bass, outperforming a wide range of wired pseudo-Hi-Fi headphones. Enjoy deeper, more powerful bass that takes your listening experience to the next level.

Superior Sensitivity Sensitivity
is an important metric when evaluating the performance of Hi-Fi headphones. The KZ XTRA headphones deliver outstanding sensitivity, delivering superior audio clarity and dynamic range compared to the competition.

Low power consumption for longer runtime
Low power consumption is not just an advertising slogan. Compare the power consumption of the Qualcomm QCC3091 chip with other chips. With an actual consumption of only 4 mAh, the QCC3091 chip provides a battery life of approximately 8 hours, significantly superior to the competition. With the same battery capacity of 48 mAh, the efficiency and durability of this technology are obvious.

Supports the latest Bluetooth 5.4
The latest Bluetooth 5.4 offers significant improvements over previous versions. With longer range, faster transmission speeds and lower power consumption than Bluetooth 5.3 and 5.2, Bluetooth 5.4 delivers a superior wireless experience.

Superior Battery Life with 48mAh Capacity
The KZ XTRA headphones are equipped with a pure lithium-cobalt battery with a capacity of approximately 48mAh, significantly outperforming competitors with a capacity of only 35mAh in the same class. This provides a clear advantage in battery life, ensuring longer use and a better overall experience.

Ergonomic Design for Increased Comfort and Stability
KZ’s original ergonomic design provides a more stable and comfortable fit. The KZ XTRA headphones are designed for maximum comfort over long periods of use, offering a secure fit that stays in place no matter the activity.


Characteristics of KZ XTRA :

  • Bluetooth version: 5.4
  • Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) Depth: ~55dB
  • Bluetooth range: ~15 m
  • Headphone battery capacity: 48mAh
  • Charging case battery capacity: 400mAh
  • Headphone playback time: ~8 hours
  • Total operating time: ~32 hours
  • Charging interface: Type-C

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