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Letshuoer S08
Letshuoer S08
Letshuoer S08

Letshuoer S08: In-ear headphones with a 4th gen planar driver

LETSHUOER S08 is equipped with a 4th generation 13mm planar driver developed with the active participation of LETSHUOER. This innovative driver provides improved sound quality and stability compared to previous generations. The production uses a nanoscopic magnetron sputtering process, which deposits a voice coil layer on the diaphragm, improving the overall sound performance.

Nanoscopic Magnetron Sputtering Process
LETSHUOER applies a nanoscopic magnetron sputtering process to the diaphragm of the S08 planar driver. This advanced technology allows the coating to penetrate deeply into the substrate, ensuring high stability and durability. This improves the resolution of high frequencies, providing more refined and dynamic audio.

Letshuoer S08

Surround Diaphragm Driver
Traditionally, planar drivers have struggled in the low-frequency range, often failing to deliver deep, textured bass. LETSHUOER solves this problem by using a PTR elastic film frame around the edge of the diaphragm, improving its stretchability and stability. This optimization significantly increases bass depth and density, as well as soundstage width and depth, delivering a richer musical experience.

Metal headphone body and high quality cable
LETSHUOER S08’s design is inspired by the number “8” and has a bright and streamlined appearance. The precision CNC-machined metal body of the headphones is available in black and silver. The headphones come with a high-quality cable made of 4 cores of 30-strand 0.05mm silver-plated copper wire, providing efficient signal transmission, more detailed musical sound and a rich sense of space.

Superior Build Quality and Customizable Options
LETSHUOER S08 features a 0.78mm two-pin jack and interchangeable 3.5mm and 4.4mm plugs, offering flexible use. The combination of high-performance drivers, advanced technology and premium materials makes the LETSHUOER S08 an excellent choice for audiophiles, musicians and studio professionals seeking superior sound quality and build quality.

Letshuoer S08

Technical characteristics of Letshuoer S08:

  • Sensitivity: 105dB
  • Frequency range: 20Hz – 40000Hz
  • Resistance: 26 Ohm

Price: $99

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